As companies finalize their plans to “re-boost” their business operations after the temporary hiatus, one thing has become evident: The old way of working is long gone! The new work paradigm is that of a hybrid workforce, where more employees choose the option to work in the office, or work partly on-premises, and partly virtually. Having a state-of-the-art work desk, office room, and conference room scheduling software, to support those needs of a Hybrid workforce, is critical. Without it, hybrid work teams will face chaos and confusion.


Numbers That Matter

For business leaders who are still trying to figure out what the new Hybrid model means for their organizations, here’s a primer:

Some employees will prefer to work at the office all the time. Others may work entirely remotely. Still, others may choose a middle ground – partly office and partly remote

It’s imperative, therefore, for organizations to crunch the numbers and make some hard choices, including whether they’ll require as much real estate – desks, rooms, meeting places – as they currently own. Most businesses will come to a decision that sharing that workspace with others might be a wise move. And that’s where a feature-rich conference room scheduler can help.

Other numbers, backed by credible research, also make a strong business case for using industry-leading software tools to schedule and manage shares office space.  A recent Gallup survey showed that, even though remote work preferences are on the rise, four in 10 workers want to come to the office for at least 2 to 3 days of their work week. And, three in ten of them wish to be in the office a minimum of two or less days.




So, before we proclaim the physical office “dead and buried”, lets pause and take stock of the numbers. They matter, because employees expect business leaders to make on-demand, in-person work a reality.  And when teams must meet in-person, a full-featured scheduling software solution is the best way to meet those expectations.


Why Online Schedulers Work

Full-featured, cloud-based scheduling tools, like DeskFlex conference room scheduling software, are ideal to prepare organizations to support a rise in Hybrid work. The suite of features neatly fit into the organizations’ existing network infrastructure. And, because these systems are tried and tested, facility administrators and staff managers will immediately gain access to powerful scheduling resources.

The software also has seamless integration with a large (and continually growing) list of web-based applications and productivity tools, including:

– Zapier

– Okta

– Office 365

– Outlook

– Active Directory


Upon completing their integration, between DeskFlex and other 3rd-party applications, Hybrid workers can easily use their mobile devices to access the powerful features of their corporate conference room scheduler, and monitor reservations, change scheduled bookings, or check for desk, room, or meeting space availability – all on the go! There’s simply no room to work with paper-based reservation systems, or to use shared spreadsheets and electronic documents. The cloud-based scheduling and reservation software is also protected by industry-leading security features, and works with most iOS or Android devices – which accounts for 85% of a businesses’ mobile workforce!   

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