Typically, in the past, the tenant-landlord relationship across Maryland has been a source of frequent conflict. And while technology now exists to ease many of those tension points, many property managers continue to use the “typical” approach. While that model might work for small rental properties, more and more rental property owners find that working with a Maryland management rental portal offers better value for money. That’s because a technology-driven portal brings added efficiency and transparency into every aspect of the rental property management relationship.


A “typical” Day in the Life of Property Managers

To see how rental portals have ushered in a brand-new relationship paradigm, let’s look at just one aspect of the landlord-tenant association: Maintenance requests. In the old model, if a renter had a maintenance request, say – a leaky faucet – they’d typically fill out a Maintenance Request (in duplicate!). They would either drop the request in-person to the on-site management office, fax the request in, email it, or post it to the management company. 

Under a new model, offered by companies providing the best rental property management in Maryland, all that has changed! In the old approach:

– Maintenance requests may get lost in transit

– Handwritten forms may be illegible

– Requests may get routed to the wrong department or individual

– Documenting a manual sequence of events (from initial request to final resolution) was always a challenge

– Action was only possible during business hours

By the time property managers receive, acknowledge, evaluate, and act upon the request, a significant amount of tension and frustration creeps into the relationship – on both sides. Tech-savvy rental property managers have changed all that, and are using state-of-the-art online portals to allow transparent, always-available self-service options to renters and tenants. The use of their Maryland management rental portal allows users to manage and monitor the entire relationship online.


Seamless Interaction Breeds Efficiency

Maintenance management is just one small, yet extremely critical, component of the tenant-landlord relationship. The use of online portals allows for more than maintenance requests to be processed in a seamless and timely manner. Because the portal is always available, renters, tenants, landlords, and other stakeholders (maintenance crews, investors, members of a homeowners Association, residents) can access a range of services online – 24x7x365, including:

– Maintenance request status checks

– Rental arrears

– Payment of dues

– General property management communication – Newsletters, Notices and milestone achievements and critical announcements

If, with the help of automation, even if you reduce outstanding arrears or overdue fees and penalties by a few percentage points, that would be a worthwhile shift away from the traditional model.   

Working with providers of the best rental property management in Maryland, all aspects of the relationship become more efficient, and less contentious. Imagine, from a renter’s perspective, if they received immediate acknowledgement of their maintenance request. Further, imagine how they would feel if they didn’t need to call the management office several times a day, to check up on the status of their request. A well designed online rental property management portal helps reduce points of friction across the landlord-tenant relationship spectrum.