HOBOKEN, NJ: The SIMS Pump Valve Company, Inc. proudly unveiled their new three-stage vertical turbine structural composite pump, which was created for an offshore platform and rated at 2,750 gallons per minute. Like all of Sims’ pumps and impellers, this new vertical turbine pump is made from the company’s patented structural graphite composite (SIMSITE®), which will never corrode in seawater, or wastewater.

In a video presentation by Mr. John A. Kozel, the company’s president, Mr. Kozel remarks that the new structural graphite composite vertical turbine pump will outlast any metallic pump in seawater applications.



The structural graphite composite Mr. Kozel refers to, known as SIMSITE®, is a patented composite that is unique to the Sims Pump Valve Company. Not only is the material known for its non-corrosive qualities, it is also lightweight, efficient, and highly durable, a hallmark of all of Sims’ commercial pumps, impellers, sleeve bearings, and rings.

As evidenced by its adoption by Marine, Offshore, Waste Water, and Navies around the World, SIMSITE® Structural Composite Pumps, Impellers & Rings and Other Pump Upgrades differentiate themselves from metallic pump products, because they are 100% machined as opposed to being cast, or molded, and SIMSITE® Pumps and Impellers are designed specifically for the Customer’s Operating Point making SIMSITE® Products much more efficient and enabling them to last much longer.

The seawater application for these new SIMSITE® Vertical Turbine Pumps on this Offshore Platform require constant operation, making it even more critical for these pumps to be designed for longevity.

In addition to their precision-machined engineered pumps, SIMS’ product line includes Impellers, Casing Rings, Guide Bearings, Sleeves, Bushings, Stabilizing Bushings, Mechanical Seals, Shafts, and other replacement part upgrades for centrifugal pumps, 100 percent of which are made in the United States.

SIMS PUMP has been offering innovative solutions for over 103 years, and is proud to manufacture the best Pumps, and Impellers. SIMSITE® Structural Composite Pumps and Pump Parts will never corrode in saltwater, river water, chlorinated water, sewage, or waste water and they work well with most acid and alkaline solutions.

ABOUT SIMS PUMP VALVE COMPANY, INC.: A privately-owned business for more than a century, Sims Pump offers a wide range of centrifugal pump and Impeller & Ring Upgrades that are customized for specific marine and industrial applications. The technology and attention to detail capture the attention of global clients and cements its reputation.

Sims Pump Valve Company offers innovative solutions for centrifugal pump applications.  SIMS PUMP focuses on solving problems for customers with corrosion, cavitation, efficiency and/or vibration problems.  SIMS PUMP manufactures products for the Navy, Marine, River Water, Chemical, Power Generation, Wastewater, Sewage, Scrubber Service, and the Oil and Gas industries. SIMSITE® Products are also used in paper and pulp, mining, plating, steel, farming, water treatment, textile, and utilities.


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