HOBOKEN, NJ: In a recent product release video from the Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc. company president, John A. Kozel, presented two brand new corrosion-free structural composite pumps that were machined from solid blocks of their patented composite, SIMSITE®, which never corrodes in seawater, or wastewater.  These SIMS pumps were specifically designed to be deck seal pumps.

Commissioned for the tanker vessel, M/T Overseas Key West, the two pumps were designed to be energy efficient, ultra-durable, lightweight, and they were engineered to withstand seawater without corroding, eroding, or losing efficiency.

As mentioned in the video, these deck seal pumps were designed for a specific performance of 30 gallons per minute at 112 feet of head at 3550 RPM with a 3 HP motor.

Machined from solid blocks of the patented SIMSITE®structural composite carbon fiber material, these Sims Pump Company deck seal pumps are unlike any other pumps on the market, which may explain why they are sought after by many ship owners and operators for their reliability, efficiency, longevity and effectiveness.

It is the fact that SIMS pumps are 100% machined from the ultra-durable and lightweight carbon fiber SIMSITE®composite as opposed to being cast or molded that makes SIMSITE®pumps so unique. Compared to metallic pumps, SIMS Pumps are far superior, because they are designed specifically for the customer’s operating point, do not corrode, erode, cavitate or suffer from performance deterioration. SIMS Pumps are designed and engineered to be long-lasting and corrosion-free, making them more energy efficient and reliable than competitors’ pumps, with a substantial reduction in maintenance costs and operational downtime.

When asked how SIMSITE®Pumps and Impeller Upgrades have become the product of choice for so many marine and industrial processes, Mr. Kozel explains: “Over the past 102 years, our clients have explained to us what they need, and we have been listening and providing pump solutions. Our engineers have responded with groundbreaking products that have allowed SIMS PUMP to offer the most advanced pump solutions.”


ABOUT SIMS PUMP VALVE COMPANY: A privately-owned business for more than a century, Sims Pump offers centrifugal pumps for corrosive applications, impeller & casing rings upgrades and other pump part upgrades designed and engineered specifically for the customer’s applications. SIMS Pump’s unique technology, reliability, longevity, and their ability to offer pump solutions, have captured the attention of customers around the World.



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