HOBOKEN, NJ: The Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc. has received certification from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), known as Product Design Assessment (PDA) Approval for their Navy, Marine, and Offshore line of SIMSITE® Structural Composite Centrifugal Pumps.

(ABS) is an American maritime classification society established in 1862. Its stated mission is to promote the security of life, property and the natural environment, primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine and offshore assets.

This is important news for the Sims Pump Valve Company, which offers American-made, innovative pump solutions since 1919. The company is best known for solving pump problems and for their custom design and manufacture of anti-corrosive, high efficiency, Marine, Navy, Offshore, and Industrial pumps manufactured from their patented SIMSITE® structural graphite carbon fiber composite material.



ABS is not known for issuing such certifications lightly. Their approvals are highly dependent on whether the product meets the strictest standards of excellence, as defined by one of the World’s foremost marine and offshore classification organizations.

According to the Sims Pump President, John A. Kozel, SIMS PUMP Company has consistently received ABS Unit Certification Approval for its centrifugal marine pumps but receiving this PDA approval is a more substantive level of recognition.  “This is excellent news!” says Mr. Kozel.

Mr. Kozel remarked that “Receiving the ABS Product Design Approval (PDA) certification is an indication to Marine, Navy, and Offshore customers that SIMS PUMP centrifugal pumps meet all applicable ABS Standards.”



What makes these SIMSITE® centrifugal pumps unique?

Unlike metallic pumps, SIMSITE® Structural Composite Pumps and Pump Parts are 100% machined from solid blocks of their patented SIMSITE® composite, they are not cast or molded.  As a result, SIMSITE® Pumps are more efficient, and they will never corrode in salt water, river water, chlorinated water, waste water, or sewage.  SIMSITE® PUMPS do not suffer from performance deterioration like metallic pumps.



Significantly more durable than bronze, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel or super duplex stainless steel in seawater and corrosive environments, SIMSITE® non-corrosive structural composite centrifugal pumps have been a game-changer for many Navy, Marine and Offshore clients. These industry-leading marine pumps will outlast and outperform metallic pumps, extending pump life well beyond expectations.


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