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The Enhanced Bot Protection Automatically Detects and Blocks Sophisticated Bots, Improving Security and Defending Legitimate Traffic

San Jose, CA — Snapt, the leading provider of future-proof, cloud-neutral, and platform-agnostic load balancing and security solutions, today announced a powerful, AI-powered upgrade to bot protection for Snapt Nova, the centrally managed load balancing and application security platform. Snapt Nova’s AI-powered bot protection is the most advanced anti-bot solution on the market and is included as standard for all Snapt Nova customers.

Snapt Nova is Application Delivery Control as a Service, providing load balancing and web application firewalling (WAF) on-demand to every node from a centralized controller and UI. Snapt Nova’s centralized control plane enables Software-Defined Load Balancing with a real-time low-latency connection to millions of data plane nodes. Snapt Nova includes a powerful Layer 7 WAF that blocks hackers, denial of service (DoS), bots, and more while ensuring your systems are compliant, safe, and secure. The new Nova Bot AI provides centralized bot detection intelligence so you can easily stop bots from abusing your websites and applications.

Bots are applications that are programmed to be controlled remotely or function autonomously. While bots can serve useful functions such as crawlers that index web pages for search engines, some bots are used by spammers, hackers, and cybercriminals to steal personal data, intellectual property, user accounts, and more.

If a data breach occurs, not only does it put the company’s reputation, confidential information, and customers at risk — it is also very costly. The estimated average cost of a data breach worldwide amounts to $4 million, and in the US, the average security breach will cost a company around $9 million.

When it comes to cybersecurity, automated bot attacks outnumber human-initiated attacks by 4 to 1. With such a high volume, it is impossible to counter these bot attacks without sufficient automated protection. However, sophisticated bots mimic human browsing behavior, cycle through random IP addresses, enter through anonymous proxies, and change their identities — making it very difficult for automated security tools to distinguish between good bots, bad bots, and real humans.

“The real challenge is to stop malicious bots that mimic human behavior without stopping good and useful bots – to eliminate false positives. It can be more costly for a business today to block a search engine spider and be de-listed than to be the victim of an actual attack, so bot blocking cannot be too aggressive and indiscriminate,” says Dave Blakey, co-CEO of Snapt.

“At the same time, a bot using a real web browser that can run JavaScript, wait between pages, emulate clicking a mouse, and more can be very hard to detect. Distinguishing between the two and reliably blocking the bad bots without unintentionally blocking the good ones requires a lot of intelligence. This is where Snapt Nova’s latest AI-powered Bot Protection system comes into play. Snapt Nova can allow legitimate automated traffic (like search engine spiders) while detecting and blocking malicious automated traffic at scale.”

To help customers defeat even sophisticated bots, Snapt Nova now automatically detects and blocks malicious bots in real-time using on-node activity recognition, centralized AI-powered behavior profiling, and a unique global database of known bots.

Using a powerful activity recognition engine, Snapt Nova’s distributed application delivery controllers (ADCs) in a customer’s network can identify suspicious browsing patterns, non-human input, and traffic from questionable sources. Snapt Nova can then block confirmed bots immediately.

The distributed ADCs can also submit a suspicious user for central evaluation by the Bot AI. Using machine learning to develop a deep profile of normal and automated browsing behavior, Snapt Nova can consistently identify bots where other systems fail. This self-learning system constantly evolves, improving its speed and intelligence.

With this latest release, Snapt Nova users are now able to protect their systems, data, and users from abuse by malicious bots with only one click, with a level of accuracy unavailable anywhere else.

For users ready to learn more, Snapt’s on-demand webinar provides an overview of the threats posed by malicious bots and the methods used to stop them. Snapt also offers demonstrations and proof-of-concept deployments to showcase the unique capability of Snapt Nova.


About Snapt

Snapt provides future-proof load balancing and security solutions that are cloud-neutral and platform-agnostic. Snapt eliminates downtime and automatically scales your sites and applications to ensure maximum responsiveness. Using a single pane of glass, our solutions deliver centralized control and intelligence for all your clouds, platforms, architectures, and applications.

Snapt lets you embrace change on your terms — we grow, shift, and evolve with you. Snapt provides the lowest total cost of ownership while providing high performance and fast, expert support from day one.

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