All-in-one platform for resolving disputes safely, timely and cost-effectively

 Denver, Colorado, Jan 13, 2022. With the launch of the industry’s first online marketplace for dispute resolution platform (, the start-up ODRI is changing how mediators and disputing parties connect. Using ODRI, disputing parties can initiate a request to resolve their conflict on the platform by either negotiating directly with each other or seeking the assistance of a mediator listed on ODRI to aid with their dispute.

The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried.”— Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

Through its seamless process of connecting disputing parties and mediators, the platform uniquely supports and promotes the alternative dispute resolution profession while also providing the public with a convenient alternative to the more adversarial court setting. Ongoing lawsuits and disputes not filed in court can be resolved on the ODRI platform in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner. As a result of the platform’s convenience, and time and cost efficiency, ODRI can empower individuals experiencing disputes, who otherwise would not seek recourse for their conflict through the traditional court process, to resolve their disputes and reach a mutual agreement.

Individuals as well as organizations can use ODRI to resolve a wide range of disputes including small claims, civil, landlord/tenant, contracts, employment, and family matters. The necessary features to resolve a dispute are seamlessly integrated into the platform and grant users the ability to securely initiate their disputes, upload documents, text and video chat with the other party and mediator in real-time and offline, and digitally draft and sign a final agreement. The platform also provides real-time SMS and Email notifications, as well as an AI-regulated chat to keep the communication focused. The underlying ODRI platform is being used by the California Judicial Branch as part of the Ability to Pay statewide roll-out project to help indigent defendants resolve their traffic cases ( So far, over 25,000 cases have been processed using the platform.

The benefits of ODRI extend beyond the disputing parties. The platform allows mediators to conduct their mediation online including manage their case load, track time, draft agreements, manage invoices, schedule meetings, and video conference all-in-one place without having to rely on multiple virtual service providers to complete the mediation. Mediators can subscribe to the platform for a monthly fee and once listed on the platform have exposure to potential new clients who can directly retain their services on the platform. Mediators can also sign up for a FREE Basic plan. Additionally, mediators can bring existing clients onto the platform. To sign-up as a mediator on the ODRI platform, please use this link:

ODRI is an innovative and comprehensive platform for dispute resolution professionals, as well as for those seeking dispute resolution assistance, bringing parties together online to collaboratively and efficiently resolve the dispute.” — Joy Hernandez, Mediator and Owner, JH ADR Services.

About ODRI

Online Dispute Resolution International – ODRI, is a next generation, international, online dispute resolution (ODR) platform geared towards helping parties resolve their disputes in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. We believe there are multiple pathways of resolving disputes, and mediation is one of the many pathways.

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