Premium Choice on Selling Medicare Insurance with a Family-Friendly Focus

If insurance agents don’t have leads, they don’t have sales. Premium Choice offers these 10 tips for bringing more Medicare business to your independent agency.

Be an active listener

People of all ages, but seniors in particular, respond to people who take the time to listen to them. You may learn what motivates your client to keep their policy with you for a second, third, or later year, and you may also gain leads on friends and family who also need coverage.

Use business cards

Business cards are old-fashioned, but they still work. Customers who are happy with their policies may share them with their friends.

Give to your community

Join a fire and rescue team, a veterans’ post, a service club, or a fraternal society, and then make a point of pitching in on a regular basis. You will create a brand of responsibility and trust that brings leads to you as you contribute to making your community a better place.

Ask for referrals

Premium Choice recommends always asking for referrals from your customers after you have answered all their questions and helped them settle on exactly the policy they need. You can even ask for referrals from people you have just met.

Form partnerships

Reach out to other businesses that are rich in clients in your target location, demographic, and income level. Many service professionals maintain their own clientele of seniors who need Medigap or advantage plans. Get to know barbers, beauticians, trainers, plumbers, tax preparers, investment counselors, vacation planners, trainers, lawyers, and CPAs who specialize in providing services to seniors, and offer reciprocal referrals whenever possible.

Go live on social media

Many seniors, especially those who are most likely to be in the market for a new policy, are both active on and savvy about social media, so go live! Make friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share articles, photos, and information that appeals to them, or just use social media as an opportunity to share a genuine concern about their wellbeing. Better yet, post a 3-minute video about what you do and share it on your social media pages and your website.

Have a website

Even in the 2020s, there are customers who will only share their bank account and credit card information over the phone and in person. But even these customers will turn to your website for information and communication. A user-friendly, fast-loading, senior-friendly website is a useful tool for generating leads.

Give stale leads a second go

Do you have a list of leads that you never got around to following up on? Follow up now! Seniors bombarded with television advertising are always on the lookout for a better deal. You may be the agent who can offer it to them, so don’t let old leads go to waste.

Invest in email marketing

Seniors take the time to read emails with news they can use. Send out a monthly email newsletter to keep on your established customers’ radar. Be the source of useful information about Medicare with an email campaign that makes you their agent of choice.

Work with companies that will work with you

We haven’t covered some other obvious ways to get leads, such as buying them. You want to work with effective vendors who develop leads for the market segment you serve. If you are a captive agent, your insurance company may work with you on a cost-sharing basis.

But consider whether you are working with the right company with the most options for using any leads you acquire. Consider joining the Premium Choice family.