• The exclusive conference presents leaders from the public and private sector showing theaters assessing cybersecurity risk.
  • The U.S. Minority Chamber to raise awareness of cybersecurity risk levels, and to provide an ongoing benchmark for tracking trends in cyber threats

Miami, Florida January 10, 2022 — The U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce announces the exclusive conference about Cybersecurity Assessment at the Chamber’s Luncheon of the Month measures the cybersecurity risk of the entire small business community and risk across key sectors. The mission of the January Luncheon Conference provides actionable intelligence for minority businesses, which will help them improve their individual cyber risk profiles and help strengthen the cyber readiness.

The premier of the year is to be held next January 27 at the wonderful Double Tree Miami Airport located at 711 NW 72 Avenue in Miami. The goal if obtain an update to prevent and response a cyber-attack.

The event expecting over 100 small, medium, and large companies in all sectors — agriculture and food; business services; construction; energy and utilities; finance and banking; health care; materials and manufacturing; retail and consumer services.

“With Chamber’s cyber initiative is extremely important to bring this kind of conference to the minority small businesses comprise the backbone of our Nation’s economy,” said Doug Mayorga, CEO, and Founder of the U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce,  “It is for that very reason that individuals who pose a threat to our nation – who employ cyber tools and particularly ransomware as the vehicle for realizing that threat – target small businesses as extensively as they do”.

During the event, experts from the public sector and members of the Chamber will participate in a panel discussion to share detailed guidance on best practices and highlight cybersecurity resources available to businesses and organizations of all sizes.  All members and local businesses now have a comparative benchmark for understanding their collective cybersecurity risk. All companies are on the front line of cybersecurity threats. Their risk impacts our economy’s health and our national security.

About the U.S MCC: Founded in September 2000 and Headquarters in Miami,  operational centers in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, and Honduras, the Chamber is creating a solid platform to generate economy and protection with a lot of challenges facing an unprecedented crisis. The U.S. MCC is marshalling its full resources, relations, and solidarity to help minority companies continue to operate while mobilizing the business community to combat the pandemic. America will survive. For more information: www.minoritychamber.net




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