United States Personal Care Product Sampling – Experiential Benchmarks

Personal Care Products market to grow annually by 4.4% over the next five years.

Market analysts at PortMA release Personal Care Product Sampling – Experiential Benchmarks Report as the industry anticipates continued market growth.

Portland, ME, USA – The personal care products industry continues to have an upward trend among consumers and influencers. Product sampling performance benchmarks are essential for marketers while bringing new products to market or refreshing existing campaigns. According to PortMA’s Personal Care Product Sampling Report, out of the 7,400 combined respondents, newly educated customers were more than three times as likely to sample personal care items during an event activation. This indicates a key segment for marketers to help move new customers that are in the need stage of the purchase cycle to the awareness, trial, and purchase stages.

This year alone, revenue in the personal care industry amounts to $80,212m USD. The industry makes up a principal segment of the consumer packaged goods economy. PortMA’s report data for personal care product sampling is derived from field staff event recaps and exit interviews where an estimated 1,304,483 samples were distributed. Reporting insights include reach efficiency, reach quality, brand awareness, marketing impact, and return-on-investment. Several demographic segments were used to outline each of the reporting insights.

Personal care brands that activate experiential campaigns tend to generate a positive return-on-investment. Further, PortMA’s U.S. Personal Care Product Sampling report indicates that Destination Events (entertainment and sporting venues) tend to have double the highest reported Direct ROI for sampling activations compared to Intercept Events (office parks and commuter stations).

Within PortMA’s Benchmark Report for Personal Care Product sampling, marketers have the ability to view these baseline metrics and compare them to their own projected promotions.

“Not all consumers are created equal.  A consumer is not going to come up to your event set, ask ‘what is that’ and always walk away with a receipt.  We need to educate the newly aware on the brand value before they can internalize that value and decide to buy.  This is more important in crowded, highly competitive markets like the Personal Care and Beauty,” says Chris Clegg, President and Research Director at PortMA.

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