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The field of veterinary medicine has evolved considerably in the last few decades. In veterinary research, one such component is telecommunication media for healthcare activities, such as Telehealth and Telemedicine.  Telehealth is described as the providing of particular veterinary medical advice and veterinary treatment of an animal(s)s based on the remote diagnosis of disease and injury using telecommunications technology without a physical examination.  The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’s unprecedented speed and effect has forced the veterinary healthcare industry to consider how to provide excellent veterinary care to customers. Telehealth integration in veterinary practice enables medical advancement, which benefits veterinarians, clients, and patients equally.

Virtual care visits garnered attention as an emergency strategy to meet the need for doorstep treatment during the pandemic while keeping veterinarian teams safe and healthy.  The convenience of receiving authoritative medical advice without leaving the house with a stressed pet in tow may be a persuasive reason to keep virtual visits a routine practice. According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) 2019 to 2020 National Pet Owners Survey, roughly 85 million US families own a pet.  By accommodating the increased demand for veterinary services, providing more flexibility and work diversity to veterinary teams, and improving the customer experience, more extensive use of these services can help deliver better health care to more pets.

Market Dynamics:

Over the projected period, the global veterinary telehealth market is expected to grow due to rising pet healthcare spending and an increase in the number of chronic disease and disorder cases in animals.  Incorporation of the internet of things and artificial intelligence in the veterinary sector, a growing number of technological innovations, and a rise in pet ownership worldwide are further expected to witness substantial market growth during the forecast period. The pandemic of COVID-19 is having a favorable effect on the veterinary telehealth sector. Telehealth has presented more opportunities to extend the practice of veterinary medicine by utilizing the instruments of telehealth in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  During the pandemic, it was utilized to help veterinary offices offer patient care in a way that protected the health of both clients and veterinarian employees.

In 2021, the global veterinary telehealth market was dominated by North America. During the pandemic, American pet owners strongly supported the use of virtual veterinary treatment. Rapid advancement in telecommunications, increased technology usage amid COVID-19, rapid adoption of telemedicine services, and increased investment in animal health care spending is likely to drive market expansion in North America.

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