Are you considering a microcurrent facial, and wish to know what it does to your face? Although microcurrent therapy is not some overnight magic, its effects on your face are magical. As we age, our faces lose elasticity, but a microcurrent facial can be thought of as a workout for your face.

What Is a Microcurrent Facial?

A microcurrent facial is a cosmetology treatment that involves using a device, which is usually handheld, to deliver tiny (micro) electric currents to the face. These microcurrent devices deliver electric currents with two electrodes that they have on each end. 

What these microcurrents do is simple: They stimulate the nerves beneath the skin. When that nerve stimulation occurs, it causes your skin to lift naturally. This enhances the overall appearance of the face.

In case you were wondering, the process of a microcurrent facial is non-surgical. It doesn’t involve prodding with needles. It does not require sedation during a microcurrent facial treatment; you’ll be awake throughout and the procedure can be safely done at home. Also, immediately after the treatment, you can continue your usual daily activities without restriction.

Effects Of a Microcurrent Facial

People notice the results of a microcurrent facial treatment session immediately following the procedure. Generally, a microcurrent facial enhances the production of collagen and lifts and tightens the skin by stimulation. More specifically, these are the benefits you can expect after a microcurrent facial treatment:

– Healing of wounds

2021 research, by Xinkai Xu et al., revealed that microcurrent treatments could speed up the healing of wounds. This is because a microcurrent facial reduces inflammation significantly.  Microcurrent stimulation increases the flow of nutrients, speeding up the healing of the wounded skin. This helps the injured tissues heal faster. Especially when it comes to ulcers and some other chronic wounds, microcurrent stimulation can help to a reasonable extent.

– Tightening of the skin 

Many people love and recommend microcurrent facial treatment because of its skin-tightening effect. People experiencing aging signs in their facial skin can always rejuvenate it with a microcurrent treatment. This treatment changes sagging skin to sculpted skin.

The mechanism is quite simple: The treatment enhances collagen production, the protein responsible for skin elasticity. The electric currents of microcurrent devices, like the AMREETA innovative microcurrent 3D roller, enhance the contour of the facial muscles.

– Elimination of wrinkles

Danuta Mieloch, a spa founder, said, “It (microcurrent facial) assists in better penetration of products, improves facial contour, softens wrinkles…it helps you get that noninvasive lift.” 

Microcurrent treatments soften wrinkles by stimulating the cells of the skin.

Is It Safe?

Even if you’re not going to the spa, microcurrent devices like the CLEOPATRA face-lifting device can ensure your skin’s safety. However, people with heart conditions, epilepsy, or implanted medical devices should not use this treatment without their doctor’s approval.

Microcurrent facial treatments offer a safe and cost-effective way to tighten facial skin and reduce wrinkles from the comfort of your own home, helping you look and feel younger. To enjoy these benefits, contact PRAIMY today and get the microcurrent device that best suits you.