The Center for Irrigation Technology’s research shows that raising and leveling sprinklers can enhance your plants’ condition and save water. Irrigation systems are essential to creating and maintaining attractive landscaping.

The majority of business buildings use subsurface sprinkler systems due to their effectiveness. However, as most systems and equipment that are always in use, maintenance is important to keep them functioning effectively. Here are some tips on why and how to manage your irrigation system.

How to maintain your irrigation system

An irrigation system requires several different types of maintenance.
Regular or daily maintenance includes:

– Checking for damp and dry regions.

– Keeping an eye on the pump system.

– Ensuring the central controller is properly configured.

Weekly maintenance involves observing sprinkler operation to ensure they are correctly rotating and that there are no leaks or blocked nozzles. To make sure that your irrigation system is in top condition, read through the following tips:

Check Your Water Pressure

Check your water pressure settings before turning on your irrigation system. Typically, the optimal range is between 30 and 65 PSI.

Look Out For Any Missing Sprinkler Heads

Missing or broken sprinklers cause wet spots and runoff on your lawn, which prevents water from spreading evenly across the surface. Too many damp spots may result in overwatering, which can potentially harm your lawn in the long run. 

Change Your Sprinkler Settings

Configure your controller to water plants only as much as they require. Before configuring the controller, know how much water each plant requires as they all have distinct needs. 

Configure your Irrigation System for Winter 

Any moisture in the irrigation system pipes throughout the winter could seriously harm your pipes since water expands when it freezes. Hence, winterizing your sprinklers as soon as it gets to or below freezing is crucial for their protection. To do so, remove as much water as possible from your pipes. Given how easily pipes might rupture, you can turn to Houston irrigation companies to handle this.

Clean The Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads can become clogged with even tiny clumps of dirt or grass, which will affect your irrigation system. As a result, you should regularly check all of the sprinkler heads for obstructions. Sprinkler heads can be soaked in household rust remover to eliminate rusting and hard water buildup.

Reasons to Maintain Your Irrigation System

You must have your sprinkler system maintained regularly for a variety of reasons. For starters, preventative maintenance is intended to identify problems in their earliest stages and will help cut down on the costly repairs that need to be undertaken. This will make the sprinkler system parts last longer.

How Do I Setup My Property Irrigation/Water System?

Despite the potential cost of maintaining an irrigation system, it is a smart investment in the long run. A smart sprinkler system installed by Houston heights irrigation and drainage will help you save money on your water bill since it efficiently distributes water via the nozzles and necessary regions. Overall, Irrigation systems are a terrific investment for homes since they provide several advantages for your lawn and save time, money, and water.