SHERMAN OAKS, CA / LAWTEGIC / June 06, 2023 / Osipov Law Group recently opened its doors in the San Fernando Valley, offering services in criminal defense and personal injury law, where effective communication skills can make all the difference in obtaining a favorable outcome for clients. Anna Osipov, a California native, has extensive experience as both a former in-house counsel for nationally recognized insurance companies and as a plaintiff’s counsel, and her criminal defense experience, combined with her stint in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, has molded her into a formidable legal magician. According to Osipov, “Whenever you can figure out how the opposing counsel works-see their cards, read their mind, so to speak- you can predict how they think.” “Once you decipher their strategy, you surprise them with something very unexpected. Then you have the advantage.”

“When I first started watching trials, I quickly learned that the ability to speak to jurors and command the attention of everyone in the room is a valuable skill set,” she said. “It’s not like in movies where both teams are legal eagles, thinking fast with these great, pithy quotes. But if you are quick and can pivot fast, you definitely have the advantage.”

Her experience in criminal defense has honed her ability to think on her feet, read her opposition, and effectively communicate with judges, jurors, and other courtroom personnel. This storytelling skill set has proven invaluable in personal injury cases as well, where effective communication can make all the difference in obtaining a favorable outcome for her clients.

In addition to her extensive legal experience, Anna Osipov possesses a distinctive advantage-an exceptionally fast memory that can be likened to a secret weapon. While she clarifies that her memory is not precisely photographic, it has proven to be a tremendous asset in her practice.

This remarkable ability enables her to recall crucial details, analyze complex legal situations effectively, and strategize with precision.

After years of working for corporate counsel and several other law firms, Osipov has fulfilled a lifelong dream and established her own firm.

For as long as she can remember, Osipov wanted to be an attorney. “When I was five or six years old, I used to pretend I was a lawyer,” she says from her new office in Sherman Oaks. “I would walk around with paper and pencil, asking questions and looking for clues. My mom made fun of me because I wouldn’t go anywhere without that notebook.”

Her drive to be an attorney propelled her through high school and college. “I started out in English literature, but I was still so obsessed with wanting to be an attorney that when I interviewed at Southwestern Law School, I discovered they had a SCALE program where you could get your juris doctor in 22 months. Two years instead of three? It was designed just for me!”

While some of her fellow students took advantage of the 2009 financial crisis to take time off and tour the world, Osipov sent out resumes and did interviews. “The economy was a mess,” she recalls. “I desperately wanted to be a prosecutor, but nobody, and I mean nobody in the government was hiring. After doing a short stint in the prosecutor’s office, and at the worst possible time to graduate, I landed a job as a criminal defense attorney.”

“In addition, I am proud to mention that I hold active bar memberships in California, Maryland, and Washington DC, and I am also admitted to the Court of Appeals in Maryland. Throughout my legal career, I have successfully practiced law in state and federal courts across the United States, gaining valuable experience and expertise in various jurisdictions.”

As the Osipov Law Group offers services in both criminal defense and personal injury law, a big focus of her practice is on personal injury cases, where her experience as a former in-house counsel for insurance companies provides a unique perspective on the myriad of legal and financial questions involved in personal injury claims.

“This is where I learned what happens in the background,” she said. “By effectively penetrating the strategies of opponents and anticipating their moves, one can secure a significant advantage.” Osipov understands first-hand how insurance adjusters evaluate claims and how they may work to limit the amount of compensation paid to victims.

“Insurance companies are in the business of making money,” says Osipov. “They have teams of lawyers and adjusters whose job it is to protect the company’s bottom line. My job is to level the playing field and ensure that my clients receive what they deserve.”

Personal injury cases involve medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and a host of other issues. As an insurance defense attorney, Osipov gained insight into how insurance companies operate, how they evaluate claims, and how they defend against personal injury lawsuits.

Personal injury cases can have devastating impacts on the lives of victims, as well as their families. Besides physical injuries, victims may suffer emotional trauma, financial hardship, and other serious consequences. The personal toll can be devastating when the victim cannot work or requires long-term medical care.

Compensation for damages can be pursued through a lawsuit. “These types of cases demand a thorough understanding of the legal system,” Osipov said. “Having a skilled attorney on your side can make all the difference in obtaining the compensation you not only deserve but desperately need.”

One of the key challenges in pursuing a personal injury claim is proving fault. To obtain compensation, the victim must show that the other party was liable for the accident or injury. This requires a thorough investigation, which may include gathering witness statements, reviewing medical records, and consulting with experts.

“Personal injury cases can be challenging enough, but when criminal charges are involved, the stakes are even higher,” Osipov said. This is where her extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney, spanning over 13 years, becomes invaluable. Having handled a wide range of cases, including RICO, murder, fraud, rape, theft, and drug-related offenses, both at the state and federal levels across multiple jurisdictions, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system. With licenses in three jurisdictions and a track record of providing effective representation, Osipov is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of criminal and civil matters.

With the opening of her new office, Osipov is poised to provide high-quality legal representation to clients. Her focus on personal injury cases, combined with her extensive legal experience, makes her a valuable resource for those injured because of the fault or negligence of others.

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