The new brand Insightful builds on the strong legacy of Workpuls and reflects the company’s future vision.

[SAN FRANCISCO, CA] – Leading workforce analytics and productivity software Workpuls has rebranded as Insightful, capping a period of rapid growth during which the company grew 2.5x year-over-year.

Launched in 2016, Workpuls is today used by more than 115,000-plus users daily across 1,300 enterprises and SMBs globally. The rebrand to Insightful reflects the evolution of the company’s software and vision for the future.

The new branding also recognizes the more dynamic and distributed way workplaces around the world work today. A trend that will continue to accelerate in future. With the rise of remote and hybrid work, companies now need more robust, specialized tools to manage effectively – a need Insightful is designed to fulfill.

The demand for sophisticated software for managing in dynamic work environments is backed up in recent research released by Insightful. The company’s State of Remote Work Report 2022 recently revealed 64% of company leaders don’t feel equipped with the software for employee monitoring tools they need to manage their teams’ productivity in remote and hybrid settings. Further, the productivity software market is predicted to grow to US$149.74 Billion by 2030.

The Next Evolution of a Brand & Software

The rebrand of Workpuls brings a new look identity and charts the next evolution for the company’s award-winning software.

The fresh visual identity will include a new logo, wordmark, typography, and color palette. The new name and logo more clearly represent the company’s goal to help organizations work in a more informed way using work data insights. The new logo combines a wave chart with the letter “i” from Insightful to signify how the software helps organizations find signals in the noise of daily work data.

The enhanced technology of Insightful will expand the company’s product offering beyond monitoring software for employees, so that it provides even deeper analytics and insights. Insightful will help companies unlock greater operational efficiency through the power of work data. A process the company refers to as “modern work intelligence”.

Insightful Platform Functionality:

  • Employee Productivity Monitoring
  • Productivity Management & Measurement
  • Hybrid & Remote Work Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Operational Efficiency & Time Mapping
  • Automated Time & Attendance
  • Employee Experience & Engagement
  • Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance

A Vision for the Future of Work

Insightful will continue to be led by the same team that’s been behind Workpuls’ rapid growth.

Founder and CEO Ivan Petrovic said: “When we started Workpuls six years ago, the way the world worked was very different to how it works today.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a generational inflection point in the way we work. In future, whether teams work in or out of the office – or a mix of both – we believe they will depend on data like never before. And Insightful will provide this data via clear, actionable daily insights.

“We’re excited to bring our new brand and enhanced product offering into the world. They reflect the vision we have for the future of work. One where teams are able to stay productive and efficient in increasingly dynamic environments, which will simultaneously enable employees to enjoy greater flexibility.”

The fresh brand identity will roll out across all company assets in the weeks ahead. Similarly, some of the platform’s new features will be rolled out in the near-term, while others will come over time.

The company’s new website is now live at

To access the brand assets, download the media kit here.

About Insightful

Trusted by 1,300+ global brands, Insightful is workforce analytics and productivity software that helps you improve workflows, create more efficient processes, support employee engagement, reduce burnout and much more. In the office, remote or hybrid. Featuring the latest enterprise-grade security and privacy standards, Insightful is available in the Cloud or On-Premise.

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