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Laser hair removal can be an expensive procedure. An individual treatment session can cost anywhere from $100 to $800, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2020 said the average cost was $389.

With such a high cost quoted by most med spas offering laser hair removal near you, you may often need to find creative ways to save money while still getting the procedure. Be it a seasonal sale, an introductory promotion or bundling appointments, here are some ways to save money on laser hair removal.

1. Look for seasonal sales

Some laser hair removal providers offer summer or winter sales, either to capitalize on seasonal demand or to tempt new customers during a down period. These sales may be for a single appointment or for a battery of appointments. Keep your eyes out for a seasonal sale at nearby laser hair removal offices.

Keep in mind that laser hair removal can often take several months to complete. It may be important to time your appointment with, say, next year’s vacation or wedding. Timing is difficult and hard to get exact but seek seasonal sales that most closely align with your preferred timeline.

2. Research promotions

Promotional offers are all over the place when it comes to laser hair removal. Most offices offer a new customer promotion where you can sometimes get free consultations and more than half off your first appointment. Some locations may not offer a discount on the procedure itself, but discounts on other products if you schedule a laser hair removal appointment. These promotions may be especially helpful in areas with fewer people. Laser hair removal in New Hartford, NY, has fewer customers in the area than Los Angeles, so providers in smaller cities may push those promotions hard.

Referral programs are also popular. Laser hair removal providers love new customers and may offer the chance for discounted appointments or products if you refer a friend who schedules an appointment. Keep your nose to the grindstone and diligently search for promotions – they could be hiding on corners of the internet you wouldn’t expect.

3. No single sessions

When deciding to get laser hair removal, knowing your plan is key. You have to commit to it in order to keep the savings higher. Many locations offer single-session appointments, which sound great in theory if you’re just looking to try the procedure to see how it works. But single sessions often cost more and can add up big time if you keep using them.

It’s usually a far better idea to buy several sessions from the same location in a package or bundle. Most offices lower the cost of each individual session for people who schedule multiple appointments. Obviously, this helps the provider make more money, but getting several appointments for a discount instead of the same number of individual appointments at a higher price is a no-brainer.

4. Prioritize smaller areas

Laser hair removal prices go up based on how large the treatment area is. Armpits and chest hair, for example, usually cost far more than the face. If affordability is a concern and addressing the smaller areas is part of your treatment plan, it may be more cost-effective to start small and then save up for the bigger spots. A little bit of hair removal progress could help keep you happy in the interim.

Bottom line

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting laser hair removal in New Hartford, NY, or Los Angeles. At times, laser hair removal can be expensive regardless of location. Seeking seasonal sales and promotions, bundling appointments and treating smaller areas are all ways to save money and ensure that you can realistically afford the laser hair removal procedure you’ve been waiting for.