When you’re juggling a career, a family and the stresses of everyday life, prioritizing self-care isn’t always easy. However, your body’s physical, mental and emotional well-being are interconnected. Developing fulfilling self-care habits is as integral to your health as going to the doctor or dentist in Sarasota. If you already have a self-care routine but still find yourself feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, consider incorporating the following steps to rejuvenate your practices.

Invest in Great Sleep

Most people know that doctors recommend at least eight hours of sleep each night, but quality sleep is often easy to overlook. Disturbing your body’s natural sleep rhythms could leave you feeling exhausted, irritable or even sick during the day. If you’re tossing and turning all night and struggle to sleep deeply, changes to your nighttime ritual could make a big difference. Consider limiting screen time an hour before bedtime. Instead of scrolling through your phone, wind down with a relaxing activity like journaling or coloring.

Try to improve the environment in your bedroom. You may want to invest in fans to keep the room cool or a humidifier to stop the air from drying out. Some people find white noise machines helpful for blocking out outside noises. You should also upgrade sheets and comforters when they no longer offer the comfort you need. Even a new mattress could be a worthwhile investment for restful sleep. 

Connect with Nature

Spending reflective time in the great outdoors could help you ground yourself and unwind. While you may not be able to incorporate a camping trip or hike into your routine, building intentional time with nature into your daily or weekly schedule could have similar restorative effects. In Sarasota, you have an abundance of nature preserves, beaches, islands, parks and hiking trails to choose from. A short walk through a nearby park before you begin or after you end your day could help you remain centered as you organize your thoughts.

Nourish Your Mind

Your mental health includes both your emotional and intellectual well-being. Ensure your self-care routine incorporates activities that spark your curiosity and flex your critical thinking skills. Consider your unique interests to find the best exercises to nourish your mind. Some people may find a walk through an art museum engaging, while others would rather watch a documentary. Taking the time to learn something new could fight off boredom and help you avoid falling into a rut. Potential methods for incorporating intellectual self-care into your routine include:

  • Listening to an interesting podcast episode as you commute or get ready every day
  • Setting daily, weekly or monthly reading goals
  • Enrolling in a class online or at a local college
  • Chatting with friends or family every week about something new you’ve learned

Check in With Your Body

Self-care doesn’t always have to look like a luxurious spa day. Sometimes, we should simply take the time to listen to our physical needs. Brushing your teeth, eating when you’re hungry and going to the doctor may not be glamorous, but they’re essential parts of self-care, too. To make sure you’re meeting your body’s basic needs, take a few minutes out of your day to check in with a body scan meditation. This technique involves reflecting slowly on the different parts of your body and naming any sensation you feel in that spot.

If you notice tension, soreness, irritation or pain in your body, you could begin taking the steps to repair it. For example, tooth pain may inspire you to ask your dentist what a dental crown is able to do to help. Becoming more attuned with your body could help you elevate all your self-care practices. 

Self-care practices often get lost in the chaos of everyday life. If you’ve been feeling extra stressed, it may be time to revisit your self-care routine. Fortunately, the above strategies could breathe life into your routine so you can achieve more balance in Sarasota.