If you’re looking for quintessential small-town charm, Lancaster is a great place to visit. It might be known for its many Amish farms, but there’s more to explore than just buggies and fields! From historic train rides to learning about wolves, this town certainly has something extraordinary tucked away at every corner.

With views made for social media, it won’t be hard to find the right dentist in Lancaster to ensure your smile is camera-ready. So, if it’s been too long since your last adventure or if you need a break from normalcy, let’s introduce you to six Lancaster sights that might make your journey exciting and unforgettable:

1) Wolf Sanctuary

The Wolf Sanctuary is currently home to over 50 gray wolves and wolf-dogs.

Guests can enjoy behind-the-scenes tours of the Pack House, watch a wolf pack feeding, walk with the wolves, and learn from knowledgeable guides about the mythology and reality of wolf-human interaction. 

2) Old Windmill Farm

Old Windmill Farm is an excellent place to visit whether you’re looking for a place to bike, explore Amish country, or learn about sustainable farming. 

At the Old Windmill Farm, you can learn about where food comes from and the effort it takes to run a farm. This organic Amish farm produces everything from fruits, vegetables, and grains to the milk that goes into their milk-based products.

Be sure to get a taste of their homemade ice cream before you head out!

3) President James Buchanan’s Wheatlands

Visit President James Buchanan’s Wheatlands for a peek into the Victorian era. Take a guided tour of the estate, from the beautiful gardens to the elegant rooms, which still boast many of the home’s original pieces of furniture and unaltered architecture.

With knowledge of the nation’s 15th president, you’ll learn what he achieved and how his actions in his final years ultimately led to the civil war.

4) The Historic Rock Ford

The Historic Rock Ford is a beautifully restored mansion that dates back to the late 18th century. This Georgian-style mansion was the home of Edward Hand, a prominent figure in the American Revolution. 

The tour of the mansion takes you through the elegantly decorated rooms filled with period furniture and art. You can stroll through the lovely gardens and admire the landscaped lawns and flowerbeds. 

This is a perfect spot for history buffs and anyone looking to appreciate the beauty of architecture.

5) Strasburg Railroad

The Strasburg Railroad is a heritage railroad that has been in operation since the 19th century. It is known for its scenic rides through the countryside of Lancaster County, with stunning views of fields, farmland, and covered bridges. 

The railroad offers a range of experiences, from coach rides to steam train rides, and allows visitors to learn about the history of the railroad, explore the engine shops, and even participate in hands-on activities. There are also special events like an escape room on the caboose or Le Train Cabaret. 

Lancaster offers more than meets the eye; from the elegant historic homes of Presidents to blooming farmland and even the rare opportunity to walk with wolves, you’ll leave this county with a new love for its richness and deep roots in history and nature.

So, plan your visit now and don’t forget to book a dental appointment for a whitening or a dental bridge if you need it, so you’re ready for those photo ops!