Accident and health insurance are two types of coverage that can help individuals cover costs associated with medical care. While both help provide important financial protection, accident insurance, and health insurance serve different purposes and have distinct features.

Understanding their differences will help people make informed decisions about which type of insurance is best for their needs.

What is accident insurance?

What is accident insurance? Accident insurance is a type of supplemental coverage that helps pay for unexpected expenses related to an accidental injury or death. This includes medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs, and other costs not typically covered by health insurance plans like dental or vision care.

It is designed to supplement an existing health plan to better protect against significant financial losses that could result from an accident.

Benefits of accident insurance

Accidents can happen at the most unexpected times, leading to costly medical bills that many people are unprepared for.

While traditional health insurance plans provide a certain level of coverage, it may not be enough to fully protect one’s family in the event of an accident. That’s where accident insurance comes in. Accident insurance can provide supplemental coverage to help pay for expenses that health insurance doesn’t cover.

Accident insurance may also help cover lost wages and rehabilitation expenses or physical therapy. It can also help cover medical expenses related to death or disability due to an accident. This may also include life insurance in the event of death or income replacement if they cannot work due to an injury sustained from an accident.

With accident insurance, one can feel more secure knowing their loved ones are better protected against the financial burdens of an unexpected accident.

Key differences between accident and health insurance

Accident and health insurance both help provide important financial protection in different ways.

Accident insurance provides a degree of supplemental coverage that can help protect from major losses due to an accident or injury. Health insurance, on the other hand, helps cover a broader range of medical expenses, including doctor visits, prescription medications, and preventative care services.

Bottom line

No matter which coverage someone chooses, ensuring they have the protection they need in case of an accident or injury is important.

With the right insurance plan, one can feel confident knowing their loved ones are better protected against financial losses due to unexpected accidents or illnesses.

Content within this article is provided for general informational purposes and is not provided as tax, legal, health, or financial advice for any person or for any specific situation. Employers, employees, and other individuals should contact their own advisers about their situations. For complete details, including availability and costs of Aflac insurance, please contact your local Aflac agent.

Aflac insurance coverage is underwritten by Aflac. In New York, coverage underwritten by Aflac New York.

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This is a brief product overview only. Coverage may not be available in all states. Benefits/premium rates may vary based on plan selected. Optional riders may be available at an additional cost. Policies and riders have limitations and exclusions that may affect benefits payable. For costs and complete details of the coverage, please contact your local Aflac agent.

Aflac insurance coverage is underwritten by Aflac. In New York, coverage underwritten by Aflac New York.

Aflac | WWHQ | 1932 Wynnton Road | Columbus, GA 31999

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