“Global Agriculture Reinsurance Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product (Managed Crop Hail Insurance, Livestock Insurance, Bloodstock Insurance, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance, and Forestry Insurance), Region, Market Outlook And Industry Analysis 2031″

The global Agriculture Reinsurance Market is estimated to exhibit a CAGR of 10.82% during the forecast period.

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Agriculture reinsurance is a type of insurance that covers agricultural losses caused by natural disasters like droughts, floods, hurricanes, and other weather-related occurrences. This sort of insurance is specifically designed to safeguard farmers and agricultural-related enterprises from unexpected financial losses caused by unexpected weather patterns. Natural disasters, government support for agricultural activities, and technological improvements are some of the factors driving growth in the global agriculture reinsurance market. With the technological revolution, old concerns can be met with modern solutions. The use of satellite photos enables efficient loss assessments in agro (re)insurance, and a detailed image of the damages by satellite can assess its exposure in real-time, allowing for a better understanding of the possible risk. In addition, technology helps to reduce knowledge asymmetry between (re)insurers and the insured. As a result, technological developments increase demand for farm reinsurance.

List of Prominent Players in the Agriculture Reinsurance Market:

Market Dynamics:


The growing requirement for a substitute for shareholder money to meet the vast demand is likely to drive market demand. Reinsurers reduce harm, provide capital to the real economy, and mitigate risk. Furthermore, substantial government assistance in numerous nations throughout the world is encouraging market growth. The Indian government, for example, is dedicated to sponsoring reinsurance schemes due to the lucrative social and economic benefits of a vibrant crop insurance market.


Agricultural markets can be volatile, with commodity price swings impacting the risk profile of farmers and agribusinesses. Reinsurance businesses must efficiently control their exposures to market risks. Furthermore, the agriculture reinsurance market is increasingly reliant on new technology and data analytics to analyze and manage risks. Integrating new technologies with current systems can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive operation.


Regional Trends:

The North America Agriculture Reinsurance Market is expected to register a major market share in terms of revenue and is projected to grow at a high CAGR in the near future. North America, particularly the United States and Canada, is a prominent player in the global agricultural sector, and reinsurance plays an essential role in the region’s risk management. Modern technologies such as remote sensing, satellite photography, and data analytics are rapidly being used in the agriculture reinsurance industry to improve risk assessment and claim management. Furthermore, demand for farm reinsurance in the Asia Pacific area has increased due to enhanced risk management awareness and the necessity for financial protection in the agriculture industry.

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Recent Developments:


·      In Feb 2020, SCOR acquires AgroBrasil Administraço e Participaçes Ltda (“AgroBrasil”). The AgroBrasil acquisition provides SCOR with access to a growing and profitable market for its P&C reinsurance and speciality insurance activities, as well as strengthens SCOR’s agricultural expertise, allowing for greater knowledge-sharing, better client service, and additional business opportunities across SCOR’s P&C global platform.


Segmentation of Agriculture Reinsurance Market-

By Product-

·      Managed Crop Hail Insurance

·      Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

·      Livestock Insurance

·      Greenhouse Insurance

·      Aquaculture Insurance

·      Bloodstock Insurance

·      Forestry Insurance

By Region-

North America-

·      The US

·      Canada

·      Mexico


·      Germany

·      The UK

·      France

·      Italy

·      Spain

·      Rest of Europe


·      China

·      Japan

·      India

·      South Korea

·      Southeast Asia

·      Rest of Asia Pacific

Latin America-

·      Brazil

·      Argentina

·      Rest of Latin America

 Middle East & Africa-

·      GCC Countries

·      South Africa

·      Rest of the Middle East and Africa

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