Kópavogur, December 01, 2022 – Air Atlanta, one of the world’s leading ACMI and charter service provider, is implementing SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying platform, the leading fuel management solution.

The AI-driven solution developed by the French cleantech company OpenAirlines will help the airline to further reduce its carbon footprint by identifying and implementing fuel-saving measures across its operations, including aircraft performance monitoring, thanks to the latest integrated product of the platform: SkyBreathe® APM.

SkyBreathe® Analytics is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that uses sophisticated Big Data Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning that help airline operators identify opportunities and implement practical measures to reduce aircraft jet fuel consumption within the operational scope.

The software collects, computes, and analyses billions of flight data, including FDR and QAR, as well as weather, flight path, Air Traffic Control, and payload to produce highly accurate fuel metrics based on exact flight conditions.

The all-in-one platform is designed to embark multiple operational players who become active contributors to the fuel efficiency program, such as Fuel Managers, Flight Operations Engineers, Dispatchers, Maintenance Engineers, Pilots etc. End users can track fuel, money, and CO2 KPIs that are relevant to them through synthetic and easy-to-read dashboards and drill down any metric. Pilots also benefit from an individual eco-flying mobile app called MyFuelCoach™ to review and improve their flight performance.

In addition, Air Atlanta is also implementing SkyBreathe® APM, the newest product of the SkyBreathe® platform, enabling aircraft performance monitoring for increased safety and fuel efficiency.  The solution will allow performance and maintenance engineers to monitor how the entire fleet is performing in real-time, be notified of abnormal degradation, and get indicators for proactive maintenance, making it easy to solve problems faster.

SkyBreathe® will help us address fuel optimization in all areas where fuel savings can be made. Not just in regards to flight ops, but also the indirect savings in maintenance costs. The SkyBreathe® APM module will help us streamline our aircraft performance monitoring process and sharpen our fuel requirement calculations. It also takes advantage of the easy SkyBreathe® integration and analysis capabilities to reduce maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption”, says Baldvin M. Hermannsson, Chief Executive Officer at Air Atlanta.

We’re very pleased that Air Atlanta has chosen to join the #1 fuel efficiency community by implementing SkyBreathe® Analytics to boost its fuel savings and reduce its carbon footprint.

They were already a mature company when it came to the aircraft performance monitoring process but they wanted to go further to maximize their impact on their CO2 emissions reduction. Going fully digital with #SkyBreathe 360° eco-flying platform, on both fuel efficiency and aircraft performance monitoring, will help Air Atlanta make data-driven decisions based on real data and bring their global fuel preservation program to the highest level,” says Erik Borrat, Sales Director at OpenAirlines.


About Air Atlanta:

The Air Atlanta brand consists of two sister airlines, Air Atlanta Icelandic, with headquarters in Iceland and Air Atlanta Europe, which was established in 2021 in Malta.

They are privately held and committed to providing their customers around the world with exceptional ACMI-, Charter- and Aircraft Management services. Both airlines strive for excellence and complement each other and benefit from shared ownership and the support and know-how of their respective senior management, which never compromises on safety-, operational- and quality standards.

Since its establishment in 1986, Air Atlanta Icelandic has focused on providing ACMI (Wet Lease) and Charter services to the passenger and cargo market worldwide. With a large and diverse customer base of airlines, tour operators, charter brokers, governments and non-profit organizations, it has evolved to become one of the largest ACMI Hajj operator in the world.


About OpenAirlines:

OpenAirlines is a privately-owned digital innovation company comprising a team of highly qualified mathematicians, aeronautical engineers, data scientists, pilots, IT experts, and aircraft performance specialists who operate from its bases in Toulouse, Hong Kong, Miami, and Montreal.

The French clean-tech company is specialized in developing digital technology to help airlines achieve their sustainability and emissions targets. They developed SkyBreathe®, a comprehensive eco-flying solution for airlines to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions, today used by 50+ airlines worldwide, including Air France, easyJet, DHL, Norwegian, IndiGo, flydubai, and Atlas Air.

More information: www.openairlines.com


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