The Global Aircraft Lighting Systems Market size is predicted to reach $3.6 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period 2024-2030. The Aircraft Lighting Systems Market refers to the industry involved in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of lighting solutions specifically tailored for aircraft interiors and exteriors. It encompasses a wide range of lighting elements crucial for aviation, including cockpit lighting, cabin lighting, emergency lighting, and exterior lights such as navigation lights and landing lights. The industry’s transition from traditional incandescent lights to LED lights which is anticipated to propel the growth of the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market for the forecast period finds IndustryARC in its recent report, titled “Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report – By Aircraft Type, (Commercial Aircraft, Military Aircraft, Cargo Aircraft, Others), By Lighting Type, (LED, OLED, Incandescence, Electro-Luminescent, Photo-Luminescent, Fluorescence, Strobe, Others), By Interior Lighting Application, (Cockpit Lighting, (Radio Navigation System Lighting, Compass Lighting, Fuel Panel Lighting, Engine Indication Lighting, Instrument Panel Lighting, LGP Lighting, Flood Lighting, Thunderstorm Light, Pilot Reading Light, Multi-Function Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Others), Cabin Lighting, (Floor/Wall/Ceiling Lighting, Reading Lights, Lavatory Lighting, Signage Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Galley and Crew Lighting, Specialty Lighting, Others), By Exterior Lighting Application (Aircraft Visibility Lighting, (Position Light, Anti-Collision Light, Strobe Lights, Pulsing Light, Forward Flood Light, Others), Pilot Visibility Lighting (Taxi Light, Runway Turn off Light, Landing Light, Wing Inspection Light, Others), Specific Purpose Lighting, (Logo Lights, Search Lights, Formation Lights, Ice Detection Probe Lights, Others), Exit Marking Signs, Exterior Emergency Lighting, Others) By Service Lighting Applications, (Cargo Bays, Wheel Wells, Equipment Bays, Fueling Panels, Others), by Point of Sale, (OEM, Aftermarket), By Geography – Global Opportunity Analysis & Industry Forecast, 2024-2030.”

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APAC to Register Highest Growth:

Geographically, in the global Aircraft Lighting Systems Market, APAC is analyzed to grow with the highest CAGR of 8.0% during the forecast period 2024-2030.  The aviation sector in the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing robust growth, driven by the increasing demand for air travel, burgeoning middle-class population, and economic development. This surge in aviation activities propels the demand for advanced lighting solutions in aircraft. APAC boasts one of the world’s fastest-growing air traffic rates. This growth is attributed to the expansion of airline fleets, the establishment of new routes, and a higher frequency of flights. Consequently, there is a heightened need for efficient and modern lighting systems in commercial and business aircraft operating in the region. According to the International Trade Administration in August 2022, With over 1,000 aircraft already on order, India is poised to overtake the United States and China as the world’s third-largest purchaser of commercial passenger planes, as airlines and aircraft manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region embrace technological advancements, there’s a shift towards the adoption of sophisticated lighting solutions. LED technology, in particular, is gaining prominence due to its energy efficiency, durability, and adaptability to diverse aircraft models and configurations.

Aircraft Lighting Systems Market 2024-2030: Scope of the Report

Report Metric


Base Year Considered


Forecast Period




Market Size in 2030

$3.6 billion

Segments Covered

Aircraft Type, Lightening Type, Interior Lighting Application, By Exterior Lighting Application, By Service Lighting Application, Point of Sale, and Region

Geographies Covered

North America, South America, Europe, APAC, Middle East & Africa

Key Market Players

Companies in this industry are listed below:

  • Astronics Corporation
  • Safran Group
  • Soderberg Manufacturing Company Inc.
  • STG Aerospace Limited.
  • Aveo Engineering Group SRO
  • Honeywell International Inc.
  • Luminator Technology Group
  • Collins Aerospace
  • Cobham plc
  • Diehl Group

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Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Report – Key Takeaways:

  • LED Segment to Register the Highest Share

In the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Analysis, the LED segment is dominating market in 2023. LED lighting has emerged as a dominant force within the Aircraft Lighting Systems market, capturing the largest share due to its myriad advantages. Its adoption in navigation lights, cabin lighting, and other critical applications is propelling its market dominance. LED technology offers superior energy efficiency, substantially reducing power consumption compared to traditional lighting sources. This translates to considerable cost savings for airlines, contributing to its widespread adoption and market dominance. Continuous advancements in LED technology have resulted in enhanced performance, longevity, and customization options. LED lights provide improved visibility, longer lifespan, and adaptable lighting configurations, meeting the industry’s evolving needs and further solidifying their market leadership.

  • Commercial Aircraft is the Fastest Growing Segment in the Market

In the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Analysis, the commercial aircraft segment is estimated to grow with the highest CAGR during the forecast period 2024-2030. The commercial aviation industry is continuously expanding, leading to a parallel rise in demand for advanced aircraft lighting systems. As per International Trade Administration in August 2022, by 2024, 100 airports are to be developed by the Indian government which is boosting the commercial aircrafts segment. As airlines seek to enhance passenger experience and safety, the need for innovative lighting solutions in commercial aircraft intensifies. Ongoing advancements in lighting technology cater specifically to the requirements of commercial aircraft. LED, OLED, and other cutting-edge lighting solutions are increasingly integrated into commercial airplanes due to their efficiency, durability, and adaptability to diverse cabin configurations. Stringent regulations emphasizing safety and passenger comfort propel the adoption of sophisticated lighting systems in commercial aircraft. These systems are designed not only to meet regulatory standards but also to elevate the in-flight experience for passengers.

  • Energy-Efficient Systems Adoption

The increasing adoption of energy-efficient lighting systems, especially LED technology, significantly propels market growth. LEDs offer enhanced efficiency, longer lifespan, and reduced power consumption, aligning with the aviation industry’s push for sustainability and cost-effectiveness. LED lighting significantly reduces operational costs in the aviation sector. By consuming less power, LED systems offer substantial energy savings, translating to reduced maintenance expenses and lower overall operational costs. This shift towards energy-efficient lighting has a direct impact on airlines’ bottom lines, contributing to their financial sustainability. LED lights provide improved visibility, enhancing pilot performance and ensuring a safer flight environment. The enhanced brightness and clarity contribute to better situational awareness, crucial for flight operations, and significantly contributes to aviation safety. Energy-efficient LED-based lighting systems enhance the passenger experience by offering a range of lighting configurations. These systems enable customizable ambient lighting, contributing to passenger comfort, reducing fatigue, and positively impacting overall travel experiences.

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Key Opportunity Analysis:

Growing Technological Advancements

Ongoing advancements in LED and OLED technologies foster energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions, augmenting market growth. The industry’s shift towards LED lighting due to its energy efficiency and longer lifespan propels market expansion, meeting sustainability goals in aviation. Continuous technological innovations drive the development of advanced, customizable lighting systems meeting diverse aviation needs, from safety to passenger experience. These technological advancements influence the supply side, improving aircraft lighting systems’ technological capabilities and fostering the development of innovative lighting products. Technological strides in the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market not only enhance operational efficiency but also cater to evolving industry requirements, marking a significant growth trajectory. These are the factors creating the opportunities for aircraft lightening systems.

Demand for Customizable and Ambient Lighting Systems

The Aircraft Lighting Systems Market is experiencing a burgeoning demand for advanced lighting systems, notably customizable and ambient lighting setups, transforming cabin atmospheres and passenger experiences. Airlines are increasingly deploying multi-color interior lighting to create personalized and mood-based environments for passengers, responding to their demand or preferences during flights. Integration of mood lighting, customizable ambient lighting, and ergonomic designs within cabin lighting systems is driving the market forward. These innovations facilitate the customization of lighting effects, offering dynamic scenarios that provide a unique in-flight experience. The evolution toward customizable and ambient lighting systems is fundamentally reshaping the aviation industry. Airlines are harnessing these technologies to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of cabins but also to create tailored environments, enhancing passenger comfort and satisfaction.

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The Report also Covers the Following Areas:

  • Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Size and Forecast
  • Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Trends
  • Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Analysis by Deployment Type


Aircraft Lighting Systems Market 2024-2030: Key Highlights

  • CAGR of the market during the forecast period 2024-2030
  • Value Chain analysis of key stake holders
  • Detailed analysis of market drivers and opportunities during the forecast period
  • Aircraft Lighting Systems Market size estimation and forecast
  • Analysis and predictions on end users’ behavior and upcoming trends
  • Competitive landscape and Vendor market analysis including offerings, developments, and financials
  • Comprehensive analysis of challenges and constraints in the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market.


 Covid and Ukrainian Crisis Impact:

  • The Aircraft Lighting Systems Market experienced a notable impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, echoing the broader challenges faced by the aviation industry. The pandemic brought about unprecedented disruptions, significantly altering the dynamics of air travel and consequently influencing the demand for aircraft lighting systems. During the pandemic, the aviation sector faced a substantial decline in air travel demand, resulting in reduced flight frequencies and grounded fleets. This downturn directly impacted the market for aircraft lighting systems. Airlines, grappling with financial constraints, deferred or canceled aircraft orders, leading to a slowdown in the installation and upgrading of lighting systems in new or existing aircraft.
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2023, the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market witnessed repercussions due to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, impacting supply chains and geopolitical dynamics. The crisis strained the aviation industry’s supply chains, particularly in Russia, affecting both commercial aviation and defense sectors. Sanctions and geopolitical tensions disrupted trade routes, impacting the sourcing and delivery of aircraft components, including lighting systems, which rely on a global supply network. This geopolitical instability led to uncertainties in procurement and supply, affecting the availability and cost of components required for aircraft lighting systems. The conflict’s broader geopolitical ramifications reshaped global order and intensified Western commitment to a liberal international vision. Sanctions and trade restrictions aimed at Russia impacted industries relying on international trade, potentially affecting the procurement and distribution of lighting components.

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List of Key Market Players in Aircraft Lighting Systems Market:

The key companies profiled in the Aircraft Lighting Systems Market Report are listed below:

  1. Astronics Corporation
  2. Safran Group
  3. Soderberg Manufacturing Company Inc.
  4. STG Aerospace Limited.
  5. Aveo Engineering Group SRO
  6. Honeywell International Inc.
  7. Luminator Technology Group
  8. Collins Aerospace
  9. Cobham plc
  10. Diehl Group
  11. Geltronix
  12. Hoffman Engineering
  13. Bruce Aerospace
  14. Oxley Group
  15. SELA

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