The activities your child participates in during preschool significantly impact their preparedness for school. Preschool age in kids is one of the times that requires tender care because it determines how your child will adapt in school socially, mentally, and so on. Many parents struggle to make the right decision and avoid mistakes that may affect their children negatively. Why not just go for something that is tested and trusted?

The Perfect Program for Your Kid

Weller Road Elementary School is one of MCCA’s well-thought-out preschool-age programs. MCCA, Montgomery Child Care Association, is a non-profit organization driven by the need to provide children in Montgomery county with quality, safe, and play-based education. Weller Road preschool age program is one of their projects that spans the entire school hours. This is perfect because you have nothing to worry about for the entire school day.

This preschool program has a well-rounded curriculum that will enhance the all-round development of your child. The curriculum does not just focus on forcing the letters and numbers into their heads but helps them improve in all aspects, including the social, physical, emotional, creative, cognitive, and so on. It falls under the guidelines of the Creative Curriculum – a Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) approved study plan. This helps it stand out among many other schools with preschool-age programs. The Creative Curriculum is about exposing the child to all aspects of life that they need to be prepared for. This is not forceful but rather a gentle guiding, one that helps them grow better into the next phase.

It’s Safe and Fun-based

The environment at Weller Road Elementary School is safe and fun for the kids. It will also put you at ease. The school serves healthy snacks assuring you that their physical development is not left behind. Apart from engaging in creative activities and extracurriculars, interaction is another amazing part of this program. Kids get to interact with others around their age, which helps to improve their social interaction and communication skills. They will learn to share ideas and see things from the perspective of others. These are both traits necessary for success in school and life in general. All these activities are done under the watchful eyes of their caring and mindful staff. It doesn’t get better than this.

Other preschool-age MCCA programs include MCCA Arcola Preschool in Silver Spring, MD, MCCA Park Street in Rockville, MD, and etc.

Weller Road preschool age program runs from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm from Mondays to Fridays. It is a healthy, safe, fun, and fantastic way for your child to spend their preschool years. It is a great choice for you and your kid if you want all-around development and better school-age preparedness.