Southern Florida is a paradise, rich with lush vegetation, stunning beaches, and an unrivaled culinary scene. Its sunny weather and warm temperatures make it the perfect destination for vacationers looking to relax and enjoy the outdoors, many eventually becoming locals after falling in love with the scenery. From swimming in crystal-clear waters to exploring miles of sand dunes, the Everglades National Park, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Miami’s Seaquarium, and Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, there’s no limit to what a person can do here. But with all these amazing sights to see and activities to participate in, though, it’s essential to know where someone can get help if they need it in a hurry.

When someone needs a specialty surgeon or dentist, Miami, Orlando, Naples, Key West, and Fort Meyers have various professionals to help you address emergency concerns. Even if someone doesn’t want to think about having an accident or needing medical attention, knowing where to find these services while they’re out and about could save their entire vacation from disaster.

Broken Bones

Even the most experienced hikers and backpackers roll their ankles. Professional surfers can just as quickly dislocate their shoulders after falling off their board. Accidents happen—sometimes they’re minor and can heal on their own, but other times, a professional needs to step in and get to work. And while Florida is known for its relaxed state of mind, there’s no negating how badly someone can get hurt falling from their skateboard or hiking in the everglades. Urgent care facilities litter South Florida, allowing even those without insurance to receive timely medical treatment.

Dental Disasters

Speaking of falling off a skateboard or surfboard, accidents affecting the face and jaw are more common than most people think. Additionally, since many places in South Florida are popular party destinations, fights and other unsavory behavior could result in a person losing some of their teeth in worst-case scenarios. Cosmetic dentistry specialists might be harder to come by than urgent care providers, but franchises like Aspen Dental are becoming more available to provide emergency dental services to those needing veneers, tooth caps, and even dentures.

Surgical Specialists

Treating bone breaks or dental woes cannot always be completed in a single appointment. That said, Florida is no stranger to bizarre accidents and situations that end with someone needing surgery. In the most extreme of these instances, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital to be admitted into the emergency room. If this is at the behest of an urgent care doctor or dentist, though, specialty surgeons are a dime a dozen. Broad areas of expertise abound, anyone can easily receive an appendectomy, jaw-wiring, or even just have something removed from them that wasn’t there when they arrived in the Sunshine State.

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