ATLANTA, GA/LAWTEGIC LAWYER NEWS/ JANUARY 16, 2023 / Since opening its doors over a year ago, the Law Office of Nigel Phiri is among the few of a growing number of solo and small law firms leading the way in shaping the future of a digital law practice for the 21st Century.

 A Digital Law Practice for the 21st Century

To provide the best service to his clients and create a true differentiator in the marketplace for legal services, firm founder, Nigel Phiri has developed and implemented the use of a proprietary, pretrial accident concierge-style mobile phone application completely tailored to making the case management process streamlined, intuitive, and client-friendly. It is the ultimate one-stop spot for intaking, uploading, and storing client health information, pictures, and evidence, and viewing the status of a case in real-time. Clients can see a clear timeline of their cases evolving in defined stages. “People want accessibility” Nigel notes, and his app, along with the firm’s best-in-class case management software combined with consistent in-person connection, keeps the clients engaged and up to date with what can be the most important moments in their lives. “Having a detail-focused, client-centric, proven, and experienced legal team is only as good as its communication hub”, says Nigel. Overall, client communication is one of the most important parts of the success of any case. Nigel is confident that the way his system is set up and operates, places his firm apart from his competition. All calls, emails, or inquiries from clients are answered within 24 hours. Nigel’s best-in-class software run by his expert legal team manages cases flawlessly even when he is in trial.

Cause and Effect

Prior to launching his own law practice, Nigel was achieving phenomenal results for his clients with one of the world’s largest plaintiff firms, such as an $8,800,000 jury verdict in a tragic negligent security case involving the death of an innocent 20-year-old young man. This was no run-of-the-mill wrongful death lawsuit.

Against the full weight and financial power of the defense, Nigel prevailed by proving that the property owner conducted no investigation into the objective neighborhood crime data, and thereby violated the basic duty to provide security for people on the premises. The incident occurred on a motel property, which was a challenge in and of itself as many of the clearer negligent security liability cases are centered around concert venues and property owners who hold open their property to larger numbers of guests and invitees.

While the financial award is impressive, it was the anguish of the young man’s parents that drove Nigel and his team to fight their hardest for a legal victory. The mother, overcome by grief, was unable to participate in the case. The father, a former military man, had lost his son and best friend who had a bright future cut short by the negligence of others.

“The rewards are far more than material when your job is to fight for the everyday people of Georgia,” says Nigel.

The Devil is in the Details

Nigel brings a tech-based focus on deposition preparation as part of his comprehensive trial strategy. He also partners with a company that provides laser-focused guidance for their clients. The emphasis is on active listening during the process and then undergoing a full “stress test” with multiple role-playing practice sessions. Clients can then understand the semantic tricks played by the defense lawyers and spot any legal land mines.

These strategies have paid off in other major negligent security settlements. In one, the individual was in a romantic relationship that ended poorly, and he felt extremely threatened by his former partner. He went to the police, but they did not take any action as so often is the case in domestic situations. Two days later, the former lover showed up at his apartment home and shot the man dead. Nigel was able to prove that the security at the apartment complex was severely deficient. He fought hard to overcome the strong defense that this was a targeted shooting that would have occurred regardless of the level of security the defendant provided. Nigel’s detailed focus, client-centric, empathetic advice, and counsel again led to an impressive victory against the odds.

Even more common auto accident cases do not escape Nigel’s scrutiny. The firm takes a highly academic, and data-driven approach to ensure the best outcome for their clients. Having knowledge in commercial driver licensing requirements and testing, along with the strategic use of expert technical guides like “Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff Lawyers Guide to Proving Liability” has led to Nigel obtaining numerous high-value settlements for injured clients. And when it comes to premises liability, Nigel was consistently ranked number one in settlement value production for all of Atlanta while at his prior law firm.

Rebuilding Lives

More than just getting a settlement check into someone’s hands, The Law Office of Nigel Phiri connects with its clients and can see the direct results of their hard work. These efforts have helped families buy a new home, helped a now disabled client make accessible modifications to their residence and install high-tech mobility assistance, and enabled an older client to retire comfortably. Nigel helps his clients move on from the trauma of life-altering events and is active in rebuilding their lives.


The legal profession is Nigel’s passion and singular focus; however, he remains grateful and humble in his success and makes it a point that whenever possible The Law Office of Nigel Phiri, is always available to give back to the Atlanta community.

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