Market America Worldwide Global Headquarters, Greensboro, North Carolina

In the competitive arena of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage but a necessity. Leading the charge in this digital frontier is Market America Worldwide with its award-winning platform, SHOP.COM. While the user-friendly interface and an extensive range of products are the visible facets of the platform, there’s a robust technological infrastructure humming away behind the scenes. This tech innovation is driving significant revenue to the company and its distributors, known as UnFranchise®Owners, all without any additional effort on their part.

Harnessing User Engagement

A significant part of the revenue boost comes from a strategy that’s as effective as it is simple: reminding online shoppers and UnFranchise Owners about the products they showed interest in. Through personalized reminder emails, which also offer additional product suggestions relevant to the initial product the online shopper was reviewing, a subtle nudge is provided to encourage a revisit and potentially a purchase. This strategy is a collaborative effort of a team of architects and engineers among the hundreds of dedicated professionals in the IT department at Market America Worldwide.

The Clickstream Effect

One of the standout features the team, led by John Petry, Senior Manager of Architecture & Engineering, and Bart Jochim, the company’s Senior ColdFusion Architect, has leveraged is the “Clickstream” technology. Launched in 2021, this tool enhances the shopping experience by tracking user behavior across and SHOP.COM current customers. “It’s about understanding our users better,” John explained. The real-time behavioral data not only contributes to increasing the company’s bottom line but also significantly benefits Market America Worldwide’s most important customer, their distributors known as UnFranchise Owners.*

Revenue Impact and Beyond

The “browse abandonment” program, powered by Clickstream, has been a game-changer, generating about half a million dollars in revenue every six months. Similarly, the “Abandon cart” program, although not utilizing Clickstream, re-engages users who’ve shown purchase intent, contributing an impressive $300K to $500K in annual revenue.

Looking Ahead

The future holds exciting prospects. Plans are underway to integrate these programs into other sites, including the Motives cosmetics platform. “The digital landscape is ever-evolving,” Bart noted, “And we’re committed to staying ahead, always looking for ways to better serve our users.”

Final Thoughts

The ethos of the IT department at Market America Worldwide is a blend of technological innovation and a genuine commitment to user satisfaction. As e-commerce continues its upward trajectory, the tech-savvy team behind SHOP.COM is not just keeping pace but setting a formidable standard in the industry, ensuring that both the company and its UnFranchise Owners are well-positioned to reap the rewards of their forward-thinking strategies.

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