C W Park, the former Director of the Global Branding Center, emphasizes the importance of adopting a research-based approach to marketing. According to Park, this approach necessitates conducting thorough tests and verifying facts to ensure the effectiveness of solutions. The Center’s commitment to research has enabled them to develop action-oriented strategies that consistently deliver results. Park has recently delved into the underlying concepts that have made the Center’s approach so successful for various brands.

The Global Branding Center is an integral part of the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. Over the course of 50 years, C.W. Park has made a significant impact on the marketing industry, dedicating a substantial portion of his career to developing the Center into a formidable global force.

According to C W Park, the Global Branding Center has developed a brand admiration management system. This system incorporates various methods, including a dashboard that allows for the assessment of admiration rates and the monitoring of progress.

C W Park emphasizes the significance of relying on research and making informed decisions regarding marketing impact. He highlights that we often hold certain assumptions about what strategies will be effective or are already yielding results for us. However, Park asserts that without conducting thorough research, it becomes impossible to comprehend the current situation and identify areas for improvement accurately. These assumptions are the root cause of the disconnect between a brand and its target audience. Therefore, our primary objective should be to uncover the truths through diligent investigation, enabling us to respond effectively to the reality at hand.

Companies can attract and captivate their customers by presenting a brand that is deeply rooted in meaning, value, authenticity, and experience. This strong foundation not only garners admiration from customers but also fosters unwavering loyalty towards the brand. According to experts, the purpose of marketing should extend beyond merely piquing people’s interest in the brand. It should also consider what happens after the purchase. Brands must strategize for long-term growth and sales projections. Ultimately, cultivating a loyal customer base becomes paramount. To achieve this, companies need brand advocates who genuinely admire the brand. Without brand admiration, the creation of brand advocates becomes an unattainable goal.

C W Park suggests that The Global Branding Center is one of the eight esteemed Marshall’s Centers of Excellence at the University of Southern California. These centers encompass the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab, Center for Effective Organizations, Center for Global Innovation, Randall R. Kendrick Global Supply Chain Institute, Center for Investment Studies (CIS), Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and the Neely Center for Ethical Leadership & Decision Making.