The answer is no. Except for iCrowdNewswire, all ESG circuits offered by newswires include a traditional circuit with an email distribution add-on and a tagline: Attention ESG Editors? 

On the other hand, iCrowdNewswire guarantees your placement on millions of websites and millions of special sections worldwide, including ESG rating platforms, DEI, CSR media, and special sections in the most widely read traditional media. The Google ad technology provides pinpoint media and audience targeting with Google Analytics reporting.


About iCrowdNewswire’s Google ad targeting distribution

Google AdSense provides the ability to choose from millions of websites and special sections within those websites. Most sites offer between 5 – 10 special sections such as Real Estate, Travel, Legal, Technology, Business, ESG, DEI, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, and more. Issuers can use our 7/24 human support to request the sections available on any of the millions of premium websites worldwide. The iCrowdNewswire Google targeting add-on product is designed for third-party syndication enabling partners to offer the targeting option without fixed costs. It is a value-added option that answers the decades-old questions sales get every day about additional targeted web distribution and is now available globally on In Australia and New Zealand through our partner Medianet; in Canada through The Newswire, in the United Kingdom through PA Media; and globally through Nexis Newswire. In most cases, Google distribution is available as an add-on with any regular circuit for a flat fee, much less than the circuit itself. Ad targeting, voice, translations, and Google analytics are all included in one low flat price.


About iCrowdNewswire

iCrowdNewswire was launched in 2015 by a team of senior executives with deep industry experience. By 2017, iCrowdNewswire started implementing more technology innovations than any other newswire in the industry, including advertising-driven geographic and demographic targeting, artificial intelligence translations, and detailed analytics. iCrowdNewswire is also the only newswire with news channels available on over 4 billion voice devices through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Since its inception, iCrowdNewswire has distributed more than 250,000 releases.