Cory S Powers likes to build things with his hands. His occupation working with a company that installs residential sports and activity courts, including batting cages, along with basketball, pickleball, and volleyball courts, allows him to do just that. But, when he’s at home, he puts his mechanical skills to the test by completing home improvement projects that beautify and increase the value of anyone’s home.

Cory Powers

Single-day home improvement projects

Anyone can get a lot done just in a day. And specific projects are worth the time and energy because the payback can mean more money when it’s time to decide to sell the home.

Update the home’s fixtures

Remodeling the kitchen and bath is optional just to add a modern look. Simply update the plumbing and lighting fixtures to modern versions that are energy efficient and packed with plenty of features. Waterfall shower heads, smart LED lights, and no-touch kitchen faucets are just a few home fixtures that can be easily installed.

Install crown molding

If a specific room or dining area seems lackluster, Cory Powers suggests a low-cost project that adds another dimension to any room. Crown molding, tray or coffered ceiling panels, ceiling medallions, ornamental chair railing, or wainscoting (decorative lower wall panels) are all architectural products made of durable HDPE and feature easy adhesive and nail installation.

Power wash exterior walls and decks

A home only needs repainting every 10 to 20 years, but always be sure to wash the siding, concrete driveway, sidewalks, patio, and deck areas for a sparkling new look. Or leave this project to the professionals to avoid damaging windows, screens, or vegetation. Oil and chemicals, embedded grime and food, algae, and pollen can all discolor a home’s exterior with unsightly stains.

Install a new front door

Access to a few power tools, a level, and some elbow grease with a second pair of hands to help, then installing a new door with a modern color is a great home improvement project, Cory S Powers suggests. A double-entry door, an entry door with sidelights (glass panes on each side), or a door in a unique color that speaks to the personality of those who live there or of the architecture are all stylish and add a creative flair to the home’s facade. 

Uncover and refinish hardwood floors.

Finally, if there’s still a little more time in the day and a lot more energy, consider removing the carpeting from the home or just a few rooms. Many people are delighted to find beautiful, pristine wood flooring that only needs some touch-up refinishing and good wood restoration and polish. 

The bottom line is that keeping a home updated is always a great idea, but also consider which projects are not just for repair or maintenance but also add beauty and value to the home.