CourtAlert, the leading provider of docketing and calendaring systems, is delighted to introduce a comprehensive transition package tailored for law firms impacted by Aderant’s decision to phase out its eDockets product. As firms navigate their options, CourtAlert emerges as an appealing alternative, offering a proven, reliable, secure and cutting-edge solution for docketing and calendaring needs.

New customers can expect a seamless transition facilitated by our expert implementation team, providing dedicated workflow suggestions and support to both the firm’s IT and docketing departments. With a refined process, docketing teams can anticipate an initial setup and data migration within a week and full operational capability in two to three months.

Built on decades of development, the CourtAlert platform leads with innovative features, including a workflow for ECF Notices with coverage nationwide, top-tier calendaring tools (now with AI options!) and SOC2 compliance for enhanced data protection. Our support team, trainers and user-friendly help and training site empower users to maximize usage. Partnering with CalendarRules, CourtAlert provides real-time, up-to-date and reliable rules-based event calculations with its collection of over 2,500 rulesets and new rules created with even a single client request.

Limited-Time Offer for eDocket Customers – CourtAlert announces a limited-time package pricing for eDocket users. This includes discounts on the initial license fee, complimentary data migration, discounted training costs (with the first 5 hours included at no charge) and significant reductions on maintenance and hosting fees. CourtAlert is also committed to reducing the risk of changing systems. Ask us about our risk-free guarantees reflecting our confidence in our product. Interested firms are encouraged to seize this opportunity by signing up for the CourtAlert system by April 19th, 2024 to ensure there is enough time for effective transition.

For further information on this exclusive offer and to begin your transition to a dependable and advanced docketing and calendaring solution, please contact us at [email protected] or call (212) 227-0391.

About CourtAlert: CourtAlert has been the industry-leading provider of docketing and calendaring systems since 1999, serving law firms and legal professionals nationwide. Committed to innovation and excellence, CourtAlert offers sophisticated solutions to streamline case management processes, boost productivity, and ensure the highest levels of security and support.

Kimberly Romano, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (212) 227-0391
Email: [email protected]

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