HOUSTON, November 11, 2022 – DFD Partners, an emerging fintech platform that uses data and AI to match asset managers to financial advisors, has filed a utility patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

The utility patent is for software systems and methods to automatically correlate subject matter items and provider data across multiple platforms. DFD Partners created the software system to provide asset managers access to real time data and subject matter, providing them with more clarity on who they should be targeting and helping them raise higher AUM. 

For example, an advisor looking up private equity or credit can use DFD’s platform to access information in real time, cross reference from other data providers and then match asset managers to financial advisors with a product need. It shortens the sales cycle for asset managers while helping to increase their AUM.

DFD Partners’ application has been placed in a group art unit (a working unit of patent examiners) with a 73% patent grant rate. Due to the application being considered an AI patent instead of a business patent, DFD Partners will have a much higher probability of approval. 

DFD Partners will be the only asset management company to provide this software system and its methods. This patent is further evidence of how DFD Partners is transforming the industry, having already proved their concept with $100 million raised and $70 billion in aggregate platform AUM.

About DFD Partners

DFD Partners is a SaaS platform designed to allow diverse asset management firms effectively scale by leveraging data automation and machine learning. DFD Partners offers a tool to asset managers that don’t have the resources to compete with the larger firms and who in many cases identify as diverse in gender, background, asset type and generation. They have pulled together a team with vast industry experience in both asset management and technology, the most recent addition being their Head of Advisory Engagement, a former Director at Blackrock who has raised a total of over 20 billion dollars across his 15 year career on Wall Street. Devon Drew is the founder of DFD Partners and a successful former executive for Vanguard. Drew and his team are currently focused on helping small and diverse funds increase their AUM by 1 trillion by 2028. 

To learn more about DFD Partners, contact Neil Foote, Ascendant Group Branding, [email protected], 214.448.3765.