This patented ergonomic chair, developed in collaboration with physical therapists, introduces cutting-edge technology to address the challenges posed by stagnant sitting, ultimately promoting micro-movements for improved well-being.

NEW YORK, (March 26, 2024) – Duo Relief, a leading innovator in ergonomic seating solutions, proudly unveils the Duo Relief Ergonomic Chair, a revolutionary home office chair designed to encourage circulation and alleviate health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

The Duo Relief Ergonomic Chair is meticulously crafted with features that adapt to the user’s weight and posture, providing a dynamic seating experience. Developed in consultation with experts, this chair aims to reduce health risks such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and nerve damage.

“Long hours of sitting can lead to discomfort and pain, and the Duo Relief Ergonomic Chair is specifically developed to alleviate these issues” said creator Michelle Han. “With 37 years of combined experience and insights from both seasoned physical therapists and product engineers, our chair helps individuals alleviate shoulder, neck, waist, or back pain during extended periods of sitting.”

Key Features:

Split Seat Design: The adaptable 8pc spring mechanism is designed to engage postural sway. It encourages instinctive natural motion, balanced posture, while relieving pressure on the tailbone and dissipating heat.

Dual Padded Back Rest: Not only do the cushions feel like you’re lying against a mini couch, but they also relieve direct impact and pressure on the spine by creating a supportive cradle.

Lumbar Support: The intentionally sculpted curved lumbar provides stability for the natural curve of the lower back, preventing strain on discs, joints, and muscles.

Cervical Support: The curvature of the adjustable head rest is thoughtfully designed to support your neck as you rest against it.

Sculpted Extra Thick Cushion: The 7cm extra thick cushion ensures you sink into comfort and the sculpted curve at the end of the seat promotes circulation without cutting off blood flow.

Dynamic Dual Relief: Encourages movement within the pelvic region, stimulating muscles that support the spine and promoting correct posture.

Customizable Options: Adjustable in four ways, featuring a changeable headrest, armrest, pressure levels, and depth, along with an adjustable height bar.

Durability: Created with layers of quality material, Duo Relief also offers a 2 year warranty.

Color and Weight Options: Available in three colors – Calm Grey, Energetic Red, and Chic Black.
Two weight options: Less than 175lbs and more than 175lbs.

Upgraded Base and Caster Wheels: The chair features an upgraded chrome base for stability, coupled with noise-reduced and scratch-proof PU caster wheels for smooth mobility.

The Indiegogo campaign is looking to raise at least $14,500. Perks include a Super Early Bird price of $290 for a Duo Relief chair, saving up to 50% off the MSRP, and includes free shipping within the U.S.

About Duo Relief

Duo Relief is a dedicated duo of product developers collaborating with industry experts in physical therapy, manufacturing, engineering, and logistics. With a mission to enhance health and comfort, Duo Relief aims to innovate and revolutionize the way we approach well-being in our daily lives.

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Contact Information:

Name: Michelle Han Email: [email protected] Job Title: Founder

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