Survey Shows 39% of Lawyers, 46% of Law Students and 45% of Consumers Agree Generative AI Tools Will Significantly Transform Practice of Law


New York, NY – LexisNexis Legal & Professional®, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today released results from a survey of 1,176 US lawyers, 1,239 law students, and 1,765 consumers demonstrating that the legal market is significantly more aware of generative AI than the general population (88% vs. 57%). In one of the most extensive surveys of its kind, the research was conducted to better understand overall awareness of generative AI, current use of generative AI tools in daily work, and willingness to adopt generative AI tools for various legal matters.


According to the March 2023 study, 57% of consumers are aware of generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, 32% said they have used generative AI, with half of these (15%) stating they had tried generative AI for legal advice or assistance. There were strong socioeconomic differences in the consumer data. The younger (under 45), wealthier, male, and more educated the respondent, the more likely they were to have tried generative AI for legal purposes.


Awareness was significantly higher among lawyers (86%). Of these, half (51%) had either already used it in their work or were planning on doing so. This is because 84% believe generative AI tools will increase the efficiency of lawyers, paralegals, or law clerks. It’s not just the practice of law, 61% of lawyers and 44% of law students also believe generative AI will change law schools and the way law is taught and studied.


“We’ve been delivering leading legal AI and analytics tools for some time, providing lawyers with data-driven insights that make it easier for them to do their jobs,” said Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis Legal & Professional. “Generative AI and large language models have tremendous potential to transform the way legal work is done. Our R&D labs are continually experimenting and releasing new innovations, and this survey reflects how lawyers, law students, and consumers alike are embracing legal tech in new and exciting ways.”


The top five ways law firms, corporate counsel, and law students are currently or would like to use generative AI tools in their daily work include:

  • Increasing efficiency (61% of lawyers, 60% of law students)
  • Researching matters (59% of lawyers, 55% of law students)
  • Drafting documents (53% of lawyers, 43% of law students)
  • Streamlining work (46% of lawyers, 40% of law students)
  • Document analysis (40% of lawyers, 34% of law students)


The survey revealed that a majority of lawyers and law students can see potential in generative AI in advancing the practice of law (77% positive or mixed sentiment toward impact). However, many cite concerns about the ethical implications (87% of lawyers, 91% of law students, and 72% of consumers).


“Generative AI technologies can deliver significant benefits to lawyers, law students, and consumers, and we’re only just beginning to tap into their potential,” said Jamie Buckley, Chief Product Officer, LexisNexis Legal & Professional. “However, large language models are only as good as their training data, and it’s essential to employ responsible AI principles in leveraging this new technology.”


The results of the study highlighted the top three legal areas most important to consumers. Specifically, consumers would consider using generative AI for:

  • General legal advice (60%)
  • Creating a will (43%)
  • Legal requirements for setting up a business (41%)



The survey was conducted across 4,180 people, including 1,176 lawyers, 1,239 law students, and 1,765 consumers in the United States from March 15-16, 2023. Surveys were conducted in English and respondents were prompted for feedback via Pollfish/Forsta.


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