If you have extra time this summer, it may be the perfect opportunity to try gig work to make extra money. Summer gig jobs can be a great way to expand your skill set or improve on the skills you already have. Some gigs may be near your location and you can find them by searching for “delivery jobs near me,” while others you may be able to do remotely from anywhere. Consider these positions for gig work you can do this summer.

Deliver food near you

This summer, you can put your car (or bike) to use as a food delivery driver and connect restaurants in your area with local customers. Food delivery offers one of the most flexible summer gig jobs. Many food delivery apps allow you to set your own hours, meaning you can do it full-time hours and be your own boss, or simply deliver food whenever you’re free: days, evenings, or weekends. When delivering food with your car, you do need a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. If you’re using a bike, you’ll typically need a valid driver’s license or state-issued I.D. These gig jobs may still have additional requirements and you may have to pass a background check.

Shop and deliver groceries near you

Moving beyond takeout food delivery, some delivery apps provide “shop and delivery” offerings. This is where you receive an order from a customer and you go to a grocery store, pharmacy, or even convenience store, pick up the ordered items, pay for them (with a prepaid credit card that may be provided by the delivery company), and then deliver the order to the customer. These types of orders can help you earn more during your gig job because the shopping list may be larger than a typical takeout order.

Download a ridesharing app

Ridesharing is another way to put your car to use for a gig job. Instead of transporting food or groceries from one destination to a customer, you’re transporting a customer from one destination to another. Your earning potential with this gig job is most likely dependent on your location (there are typically more opportunities in larger cities) and what times you’re available to drive.

Camp counselor

Another type of gig job near you can be helping out at a local summer camp for kids. Summer camps are typically offered through schools or other local organizations, and they vary in the types of activities you can do with the kids. You may be asked to help kids brush up on basic educational skills, like math or English, or lead outdoor activities, like sports and swimming.


Whether you live on the coast, or your area has public pools available, being a lifeguard is one summer gig job that gives you plenty of fresh air. You’ll need to be certified and receive training in CPR and first aid, so this gig job takes a little extra effort on your part before you can start.

Mow lawns

Mowing lawns is one of the all-time classic summer gigs. This can be a great way to get outside away from computer and TV screens. You may need your own lawn mower in some cases, or you could find clients who have a mower but simply don’t want to or can’t mow their own lawn, like an elderly neighbor.

These are just a handful of the available summer gig jobs you can find. Some will require some level of skill and previous experience, while others you may be able to start even if you’ve never done it before.

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