Taking up flexible paid work as a student can have many benefits. You can use your newfound income to manage some of your college expenses, pay for meals and groceries, or simply have extra spending money for the weekend. From food delivery to freelance work, there are plenty of opportunities for driven, young students to take advantage of. Here are some of the gigs that should be on your radar to earn extra this school year.

Food delivery driver

You’ve probably used a food delivery app yourself a few times for the convenience they offer. Becoming a delivery driver offers many benefits for students, such as typically earning tips on every order in addition to your delivery pay. The best food delivery apps to work for will also provide more flexibility than other gigs. You can pick your own hours, so you can easily work fewer hours when you have a big exam, and spend more time delivering when you’re able to. One of the best parts of becoming a food delivery partner is that you don’t have to invest much apart from your time. All you need is a smartphone, a car or bike, and a valid driver’s license to start.

Freelancing gigs

Freelancing through college is an effective way to get some work experience on your resume before you’re officially in the job market. Depending on your skills and interests, you can consider freelance photography, writing, design, and much more. Consider using a professional networking site or your social media profiles to advertise your work. You can also use sites that are dedicated to helping freelance workers find gigs, but remember to create a portfolio that shows off your best work.

Dog walking or pet sitting

If you’re an animal lover, this job won’t even feel like work! Plenty of Americans love being pet parents but don’t have the time to exercise their dogs. That’s where you come in. Create a post on a classifieds website or use an online pet-sitting network (you’ll be surprised at how many there are) to get clients. Over time, word-of-mouth referrals will help too. It’s a good idea to research what other dog sitters in the area charge and set your price accordingly.

Provide an in-demand service

Busy professionals are always looking to outsource time-consuming tasks that they can’t do themselves. Head over to a gig work website and you may find people in your area willing to pay someone to clean their garage or assemble a bookshelf. People usually quote what they’re willing to pay for each project so all you need to do is find a task that’s up your alley and apply. Usually, you’ll find gigs that require handyman services or help with moving, cleaning, yard work, heavy lifting, and minor repair work.

A side hustle is a great way to earn some extra money while you study. There are plenty of opportunities out there but be sure to research and vet the platforms you’re using. Ask trusted friends and classmates for client referrals and try to work with reliable brands and companies.

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