When you need to make extra money fast, finding a side job can be difficult if you’re already juggling full-time work with your everyday life. But there are actually plenty of quality, good-paying side hustles that you can typically start immediately, or within a few days of being accepted. You can search for “delivery jobs near me” to start a food delivery side hustle, or rent a room or your entire house as a vacation rental. Let’s review these and other gigs that you maybe wouldn’t think of when looking for ways to earn extra money with a side hustle.

Deliver food, groceries, or home goods

Food delivery has moved far beyond just pizza delivery. Nowadays, you can find delivery apps for anything from Thai or Indian food to breakfast sandwiches from your favorite corner bodega. And some delivery apps now take orders from supermarkets, pharmacies, or convenience stores. As a delivery driver, you can get paid to check off the items on a customer’s grocery list–bananas, toothpaste, dish soap, a 6-pack, whatever–and deliver it right to their doorstep.

And it’s not just what you can deliver, but how too. In larger cities where you may not drive a car, you can also deliver food using bikes, e-bikes, and scooters. With the price of gas and vehicle maintenance so high, using another mode of transportation can help you save more of the money you earn.

Vacation rental

Whether you live in a popular tourist destination like New York City, or a rural area where travelers go for hiking, biking, or hunting, renting out your home to vacationers can turn into a great side hustle.

If you live in a city with frequent tourists and happen to have an extra room, you can likely find a steady stream of visitors needing a cozier–and cheaper–place to stay than a hotel room. Popular outdoorsy areas provide opportunities to rent your home for the weekend to anybody looking for a little fresh air.

Even if you don’t rent frequently, it can still be well worth the effort. If your family takes a couple vacations per year, you may be able to pay for some or all of your own vacation by renting your home to a visiting family while you’re away.

This side hustle won’t be for everybody, as it’s dependent on your current living situation, but it can be lucrative if you can make it work.


Do you have an eye for spelling or grammar mistakes when you’re looking at a company’s website? You can put all those high school and college English courses to good use as a proofreader. You can typically find these types of roles through various online job postings, or even reach out to the company directly to see if they might employ your services.


If you’re a people-person, working a couple bartending shifts could help you reach your financial goals while also letting you mix it up with some folks in your community. Depending on where you live and the type of establishment, being a bartender may require some previous experience or training–a cocktail lounge is probably unlikely to hire someone with no experience if it usually serves sophisticated libations. But a local pub that serves craft brews and simple mixed drinks may not require much training at all.

Event Planner

When you’re planning a simple night out with friends, are you the type to try to plan out even the smallest of details? Well, your meticulous nature could be the perfect attribute to have as an event planner. And don’t think event planning is just weddings, which can be very time-consuming. You can help plan business events or conferences, networking events, charity events, or even birthday parties. These types of events can be far less stressful and more easily organized.

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