Industrial SSD Market size is predicted to reach $55 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12.8% during the forecast period 2023-2030. A solid-state drive is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. Solid-state drives outperform HDDs in terms of efficiency, reliability, and durability which is driving the demand for Industrial SSD Market. The proliferation of high-end cloud computing and the increase in data storage demand are driving up demand for SSDs from data centers. Huge amounts of data are produced every day and must be available for a number of applications.    Additionally, SSDs are mostly utilized in commercial and industrial applications, while they may also be found in some high-end laptops and portable workstations to increase performance and reliability.   According to Web Tribunal, Apple recorded a 28% increase in desktop and laptop shipments in 2021. Industrial SSDs can help laptops in ways including faster data access, better system responsiveness, and increased durability thereby growing demand for SSDs in industrial applications for data storage such as data centers, manufacturing and automation etc. which is anticipated to propel the Industrial SSD Market during the forecast period, finds IndustryARC in its recent report, titled “Industrial SSD Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Interface, (SATA, SAS, PCIe, NVMe, Others), By Capacity, (<250 GB, 250 GB to <500 GB, 500 GB to <750 GB, 750 GB to 1TB, 1TB to 2TB, Above 2TB), By Form Factor, (18”, 25”, 35”, M.2, U.2, Others), By Technology, (SLC, MLC, pSLC, 3D TLC, 3D pSLC, Others), By Application, (Desktop PCS, Notebooks/Laptops, Tablets, Data Centers, Entertainment Devices, Video Storage, Others), By Geography – Global Opportunity Analysis & Industry Forecast, 2023-2030.”

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Highest Share of North America Region

Geographically, in the global Industrial SSD Market share, North America is analyzed to grow with the highest share of 32% in 2022. The need for industrial SSDs is expected to increase as major companies in North America adopt the most powerful SSDs to offer cutting-edge storage solutions to a variety of industries. Storage is a crucial component of IT infrastructure, and businesses regularly utilize SSDs to enhance their data storage and retrieval capabilities. American firms are increasing their investment on IT infrastructure to gain a competitive edge and increase efficiency. The Green Infrastructure Network will require both public and private investment, according to CDP 2021, and will cost the private sector between US$70 and US$140 million. There has been a significant push for the use of SSDs in IT infrastructure equipment in order to reduce time, speed up data transfer, and achieve high performance

Industrial SSD Market2023-2030: Scope of the Report

Report Metric


Base Year Considered


Forecast Period




Market Size in 2030

$55 billion

Segments Covered

Type, Capacity, Form Factor, Technology, Application, Geography

Geographies Covered

North America, South America, Europe, APAC, Middle East & Africa

Key Market Players

  1. Intel Corp.
  2. Micron Technology Inc.
  3. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
  4. SanDisk Corp.
  5. Toshiba Corp.
  6. LITEON Technology
  7. Western Digital Technologies, Inc.
  8. Kingston Technology Corporation
  9. Microsemi Corporation
  10. Viking Technology


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Industrial SSD Market Report – Key Takeaways:

  • TLC Segment to Register the Highest Market Share

In the Industrial SSD Market Analysis, the TLC segment is estimated to grow with the highest CAGR of 13.2% during the forecast period 2023-2030. SSDs employ the NAND flash memory technology known as Triple-Level Cell (TLC). Compared to Single-Level Cell (SLC) and Multi-Level Cell (MLC) technologies, it offers better storage capacity at a lower cost by storing three bits of data per cell. Over the course of the forecast, the tendency is anticipated to persist. The segment’s expansion can be attributable to elements like the increasing use of TLC Planar in industrial applications because of its low cost and high storage density as well as the rapid advancements in 3D NAND technology.

  • SATA Segment to Register the Highest Market Share

In the Industrial SSD Market Analysis, the SATA segment is estimated to grow with the highest CAGR of 12.9% during the forecast period 2023-2030. According to Web Tribunal, A 14.6% annual growth was seen in 2021 as 341,053 PCs were shipped globally by companies as these PCs are widely used for data storage purposes. Owing to this sector’s numerous benefits, affordable design, and rising demand for SATA interface in a variety of applications, including data centers, laptops, and PCs, it is anticipated that the segment will maintain its market leadership throughout the projected period.

It’s important to consider that the development of SATA SSDs may have been influenced by a number of variables, including the expanding availability and cost of NVMe SSDs, the shifting technological landscape, and the particular needs of various industries as these technological advancements are boosting the SATA segment during the forecast period.

  • An Increase in the Use of SSDs in Data Centers.

The demand for SSDs from data storage centers has been driven by the rise in demand for data storage and the adoption of high-end cloud computing. Every day, enormous volumes of data are produced and need to be accessible for a variety of applications. As a result, SSDs have an advantage for cutting-edge, quick applications because of their high speed and low power consumption.

  • According to 209 data center transactions totaling more than $48 billion were made in 2021, an increase of over 40% from 2020 growth of these increased data centers are fueling the growth of the industrial SSDs market. The market is expected to be driven by the expansion of cloud computing platforms among several businesses and consumers for personal use to back up their data. Major cloud computing market participants are boosting their use of these drives for fast data access and high-speed work processes.


  • Design Complexity is a major market challenge.

People are simultaneously becoming more and more familiar with SSDs, and with this growing demand comes high expectations for a wide range of capabilities and functionalities. Solid-state storage industry manufacturers face difficulty in terms of design considerations in order to match customer expectations.

Different characteristics, including performance, reliability, longevity, security, and flexibility, are connected to SSD design. The host interface and the flash interface require precise synchronization to achieve the appropriate performance, which occasionally necessitates the use of parallelism for multiple-die programming. Another important factor in controlling performance and write speed is temperature control. Additionally, the controllers had to be created in accordance with the various traits of flash memory, which are employed to create SSDs. Page block size, spare area, response time, and other aspects vary between each flash memory.


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Key Opportunity Analysis:

Increased Investments in R&D Activities

The development of SSDs with even faster read/write speeds, lower latency, and better endurance may be facilitated by increased R&D spending. Opportunities may arise in sectors where data-intensive procedures are essential. SSD designs that are specifically adapted to the needs of the industry can open up new market niches. For instance, medical imaging in healthcare may require SSDs, and sensor data processing speed for autonomous vehicles may require SSDs.

According to Solidigm September 2022, Solidigm chose the City of Rancho Cordova to build its global research and development (R&D) campus, investing $100 million in the project. Over the next five years, the campus will house more than 1,900 people in well-paying technology jobs. This is the largest R&D initiative for the semiconductor business Greater Sacramento has seen in the last 10 years which is also includes SSDs. As the industry pioneer in digital memory storage, Solidigm brings its research and development to Rancho Cordova at a crucial juncture for our country’s supply chain and at a time when we need more American investment in the foundational technologies of the future.

Rising Automation and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

The adoption of automation technologies, such as robotics and smart manufacturing, depends on powerful and dependable storage options. Industrial SSDs can offer the speed and sturdiness required for these applications. Data processing and analysis are key components of AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning. These technologies are being incorporated into industrial applications for work like quality control, predictive maintenance, and optimization, among other things. According to PWC July 2023, AI is expected to boost productivity by 40% by 2035, the speed and responsiveness needed to handle the data-intensive workloads of AI applications are provided by SSDs there by huge demand for SSDs in AI technologies. The storage infrastructure must be effective and quick to respond as AI systems handle enormous amounts of data.

Utilizing technology and control systems to manage various machinery and processes across multiple sectors is known as industrial automation. The need for dependable and high-performance data storage solutions like SSDs has increased as automation spreads throughout sectors including manufacturing, logistics, energy, and agriculture. SSDs are perfect for industrial settings where reliable and constant performance is essential because they provide quick data access, low latency, and tolerance to shock and vibration.

Expanding Industrial Sector

Industrial SSDs (solid-state drives) are storage systems created to withstand the rigors of industrial applications, such as manufacturing, automation, aerospace, energy, transportation, and more. Storage options for these applications must be resistant to hostile environments, temperature swings, vibration, shock, and other difficult circumstances.

Manufacturers of industrial SSDs are able to develop new features and capabilities as technology develops further in order to meet the changing demands of various industries. Industrial SSDs can be extremely important for data logging, real-time monitoring, and system management as the energy sector develops with smart grid technology and the integration of renewable energy sources.


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The Report also Covers the Following Areas:

  • Industrial SSD Market Size and Forecast
  • Industrial SSD Market Trends
  • Industrial SSD Market Analysis by Deployment Type


Industrial SSD Market 2023-2030: Key Highlights

  • CAGR of the market during the forecast period 2023-2030
  • Value Chain analysis of key stakeholders
  • Detailed analysis of market drivers and opportunities during the forecast period
  • Industrial SSD Market size estimation and forecast
  • Analysis and predictions on end users’ behavior and upcoming trends
  • Competitive landscape and Vendor market analysis including offerings, developments, and financials
  • Comprehensive analysis of challenges and constraints in the Industrial SSD Market.


Covid and Ukrainian Crisis Impact:

  • The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the general economy and many industries may have changed, which could have had an impact on the need for industrial SSDs. Lockdowns and decreased consumer spending during the early phases of the epidemic resulted in lower demand for several industries, like automobile and aerospace.

Similar to many other technological industries, the worldwide SSD market has seen supply chain interruptions as a result of lockdowns, travel restrictions, and factory closings. Manufacturing delays, component shortages, and a reduction in production capacity could have resulted from these disruptions.

  • The invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022, caused global disruptions in the markets around the world, negative effects are anticipated, particularly in Eastern Europe, the European Union, Eastern & Central Asia, and the United States. This claim has significantly disrupted trade dynamics and had a negative impact on people’s lives and means of subsistence. It is anticipated that the ongoing conflict and unpredictability in Eastern Europe will negatively affect Ukraine and have severe, long-lasting impacts on Russia. Implications for the global solid state drive market’s short-term outlook, pressure on pricing variations, impact on import/export and trading, and implications for demand-supply balances


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List of Key Market Players in Industrial SSD Market:

The key companies profiled in the Industrial SSD Market Report are listed below:

  • Intel Corp.
  • Micron Technology Inc.
  • Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
  • SanDisk Corp.
  • Toshiba Corp.
  • LITEON Technology
  • Western Digital Technologies, Inc.
  • Kingston Technology Corporation
  • Microsemi Corporation
  • Viking Technology
  • Seagate Technology Holdings plc
  • Lexar
  • Mushkin
  • SK Hynix Inc.


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