The groundbreaking new feature enables companies to create more effective hybrid work policies and support remote work productivity.

SAN FRANCISCO, USA –  Insightful, a leading remote work productivity software, has today released a revolutionary new feature that enables companies to accurately compare and manage the productivity of office and remote workers. 

The innovative Office vs Remote functionality is designed to help businesses build highly effective and engaged hybrid teams, catering to the modern work environment and the increasing number of remote workforces. 

Office vs Remote is one of three new features launched by Insightful as the company continues to respond to the needs of modern workplaces. 

Key Details

  • The new Office vs Remote feature is designed to improve remote productivity and make hybrid environments more effective.
  • Companies can use the feature to offer more work flexibility and save on real estate by optimizing their office needs.
  • The Office vs Remote feature has been launched alongside other new features that more accurately analyze performance using contextual data and measure collaboration habits of team members.

Fostering More Effective Hybrid Workplaces

McKinsey research indicates that 58 percent of US workers now work at least one day remotely each week. And the prevalence of remote work and hybrid workforces is expected to continue to grow.

The new Office vs Remote feature is a direct response to the rise of hybrid work. It enables companies to determine how location impacts employee performance, offer more work-from-home flexibility, and save on real estate space and costs by calculating true office space needs.

Among other things, the new feature allows managers to:

  • Validate compliance with hybrid work policies 
  • See how technology is used remotely
  • Gain location-specific productivity insights
  • Enhance visibility into remote workforces
  • View employee location at a glance

Giving Modern Workforces the Functionality they Need

Insightful CEO Ivan Petrovic expressed his enthusiasm for the new feature and said it draws on Insightful’s own experience as a hybrid workforce.

“Being a hybrid team ourselves and working with hundreds of hybrid teams and hearing their needs, we know the challenges of managing remotely that come with lack of visibility,” Mr Petrovic said.

“This groundbreaking functionality is specifically designed for the modern work landscape. Our goal is to empower companies to make data-driven decisions to create the best environments for both productivity and efficiency, in the process enabling more employees to work hybrid.

“We’ve seen how hybrid is a win-win for employees and employers: Employers get to extend their talent pool and retain their best employees, while employees get to enjoy more flexibility and house on commuting.”

One of a Suite of New Features

The Office vs Remote feature is just one of three new major product enhancements announced by Insightful. The company is also rolling out new Always Active and Auto-Labeling features.

The new Always Active feature allows companies to measure and manage productivity in today’s modern work environments by capturing work time on activities like Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams and meetings. 

The Auto-Labelling feature introduces a new label recommendation system that enables users to more easily designate applications and websites as productive, unproductive, or neutral team measure performance.

All features are available without additional cost to Insightful users.

About Insightful

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