The new insider threat detection functionality is a response to the fact that 68% of data breaches are due to internal threats.

San Francisco, 9.19.2023 – Workforce analytics leader, Insightful, has expanded its cybersecurity offerings, announcing the launch of their new insider threat detection functionality. 

In an age where data security breaches are increasingly frequent, Insightful’s latest tools will empower organizations to address threats promptly through real-time alerts and IT forensics.

Recent studies have revealed an alarming increase in data threats to organizations. Research shows that 60% of data breaches are caused by insider threats (1) and 61% of companies have had an insider attack in the past year (2). According to the Ponemon Institute, each insider threat costs $15.4 million to resolve annually (3).

Giving Security Teams Even More Capabilities

Modern security teams currently have a range of data points to analyze network and endpoints as part of IT forensics. Insightful brings a much-needed, additional capability: the ability to safeguard data from malicious and accidental employee actions. This allows organizations to pinpoint exact employee actions at the time of a threat.

With Insightful’s new insider threat detection features, organizations are able to better protect company data, whether their team is in-office, hybrid, or fully remote. 

The new suite of features includes:

  • Proactive insider risk detection
  • In-depth forensics and auditing
  • Enhanced security for hybrid teams
  • Automated real-time alerts for potential breaches.
  • View unauthorized app and website usage
  • High-risk keyword monitoring
  • Policy violation alerts

Countering the Dramatic Rise of Insider Threats

The sharp upward trend in the frequency and cost of insider threats highlights the growing need for advanced insider threat solutions. This increasing risk has prompted the rapid development of innovative tools aimed at monitoring, analyzing, and preventing these threats.

Insider threats typically manifest in various ways – disgruntled employees intentionally leaking sensitive data, workers unintentionally sharing information to unauthorized personnel, or even simple negligence like not logging out from company systems. 

Founder and CEO of Insightful Ivan Petrovic said: “Insider threats cost companies worldwide billions of dollars annually. And as organizations increasingly rely on more data, this problem only becomes more pressing and complex.

“Our new insider threat detection features are built for tomorrow’s data-driven world and the challenges organizations face in keeping their data safe. We believe that every organization deserves peace of mind. Often, though, cybersecurity tools come at the expense of performance. Our insider threat detection features are designed to help protect organizations while also supporting productivity.”

A Glimpse of the Future

Insightful’s insider threat solutions are part of the company’s plans to expand their top-rated workforce analytics software. The new cybersecurity functionality complements Insightful’s employee monitoring, time tracking and productivity features.

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About Insightful

Trusted by 3000+ global brands and used by hundreds of thousands of users daily, Insightful’s software helps organizations manage productivity, improve workflows, support employee wellbeing, and support insider threat detection.



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