You spend a lot of money laying out your new lawn. You carefully picked out an array of annuals and perineals, and planted them strategically across your property. The bushes, plants and tree canopy around the landscape look amazing, especially now that they receive appropriate amounts of water from your new irrigation system. If you like what you see, and wish it to last, then a trusted Houston irrigation repair specialist can make that happen.


Why Irrigation System Repair Matters?

We’ve heard the saying: A stitch in time saves nine! At the heart of that sage advice is the fact that taking care of issues earlier, is preferable to dealing with the consequences later. And that’s exactly why timely and appropriate repairs to landscape irrigation systems is critical. All that time, money and effort, spent on a beautiful Houston landscaping project, can go to waste if your irrigation system is in a state of disrepair. 

Contrary to what many property owners might think, irrigation repair in Houston isn’t just about moving water safely from point A to point B to hydrate the grass and other landscape elements. A seasoned irrigation repair and maintenance company can help you:

– Prolong the life of your landscapes

– Enhance and extend the attractiveness of flowers, trees, and expensive landscape features

– Add value and allure to your property – if you ever wish to sell

– Prevent water wastage

– Save you from costly water bills

– Protect critical structures on your property, like foundations, outhouses and sheds, pagodas and generators, from water overrun damage 


An irrigation system in a state of disrepair can pose significant challenges to home and business owners. Working with an experienced Houston irrigation repair company delivers these and many more advantages to residential, commercial and industrial property owners. 


Leading Irrigation System Challenges

While you may think that repairing your irrigation system just entails regular clearing of clogged sprinkler systems, there’s much more to it than just fixing a malfunctioning sprinkler. Some of the challenges that an experienced irrigation repair specialist can help you with include:

– Broken faucets and pumps

– Leaking pipes

– Repaving irrigation channels that cause water to runoff

– Replacing broken or damaged irrigation equipment

– Timely fixing of irrigation components before they cause costly damage or require expensive replacement

– Adjustments to sprinkler heads that cause uneven watering to certain parts of the landscape


One of the biggest challenges for property owners is that some of these faults and flaws are extremely minute – like hairline cracks in paved irrigation channels and water features.  Unless you work with qualified irrigation specialists, it’s likely that you won’t detect or repair the issues in time to prevent costly damage.


Prevention is Better Than Cure

If you wish to prolong the life and appeal of your landscape, then you should consider working with a company qualified and experienced in irrigation repair in Houston. It’s also advisable that you have regular inspections of your entire irrigation network conducted by a qualified technician who can detect and repair issues before they turn into bigger challenges.