JERSEY CITY, NJ, October 25th, 2023 — LEAP, the market-leading legal practice productivity solution, today announced a new integration with WealthCounsel, the leader in estate planning and elder law software. The integration means that WealthCounsel’s premium drafting solution is now available directly within LEAP, creating the only integrated legal practice productivity and drafting solution for estate planning attorneys. The integration follows LEAP’s acquisition of WealthCounsel in December 2021.

“This development marks a significant new chapter for users of LEAP, WealthCounsel, and the estate planning community at large,” said Peter Baverstock, President of LEAP US. “By embedding the power of WealthCounsel within LEAP, we’re giving the community something it hasn’t seen before: a single, integrated solution to revolutionize productivity. It’s an exciting new innovation that fulfills a genuine need in the market.”

With an intuitive interface that guides users through a series of interview questions, WealthCounsel’s drafting system is designed for new and experienced attorneys. This drafting technology includes everything an attorney needs to draft confidently, competently, and efficiently, even allowing attorneys to learn as they draft. Throughout the drafting experience, contextual help and resources are embedded, assisting attorneys with navigating intricate legal provisions, ensuring accuracy, and reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

The new integration embeds WealthCounsel’s powerful features within the LEAP legal practice productivity solution, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple platforms, and removing the risk of errors that exist with disconnected systems. Once a user creates a matter in LEAP, the user can access WealthCounsel’s drafting platform directly within LEAP, without having to rekey matter and client information. When drafting is complete, users can save documents directly to the LEAP matter with the click of a button. The LEAP library of forms includes a suite of probate documents, such as petitions and inventories, that can be automatically filled with case and client details, saving firms time and money. Documents can be securely shared with clients directly via the LEAP platform. LEAP continues to build and enhance the LEAP productivity solution by adding additional features offered specifically for estate planning and administration practitioners.

“We are delighted to partner with LEAP in this venture because of the reliability and powerful features of its platform, as well as the vision of its leadership,” said Henna Shah, CEO of WealthCounsel. “We are proud of the value that WealthCounsel’s technology delivers for our members and we know that this value will only continue to grow as a result of ground-breaking integration and partnership. With the LEAP integration, we can now provide a holistic platform for attorneys to have an end-to-end solution.”

About WealthCounsel:

WealthCounsel is the leading provider of estate planning and elder law software and education in the US. WealthCounsel has been helping estate planning and elder law attorney practice with confidence and competence for over twenty-five years. Being a WealthCounsel member means more than just having the latest legal document-drafting software—it also provides you with hundreds of virtual and on-demand CLE-eligible resources; access to an active, nationwide community of like-minded attorneys with whom you can collaborate, share knowledge and drafting resources, and refer business; and gives you unlimited customer and software support.

About LEAP:

With over 60,000 users worldwide, LEAP is the only legal practice productivity solution that combines practice management, document assembly and management, legal publishing, and legal accounting for all common areas of law.  For more than thirty years, LEAP has been a legal technology leader, setting the standard for law firms looking to maximize productivity and profitability. Learn more about LEAP by visiting

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