ATLANTA, GA, January 4, 2023  – Miles Mediation & Arbitration, the largest ADR provider in the Southeast, is pleased to announce that Parag Shah, formerly the COO of Miles, has stepped into the role of CEO as of January 1, 2023. Parag is an accomplished attorney, judge, and business owner who has practiced as a neutral since 2015. John Miles, founder and CEO of the company, is transitioning from CEO to chairman of the board of Miles.

“Parag’s promotion is an acknowledgment of what has been the de facto case for the last two years,” says John Miles. “Parag has helped lead our firm through the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and has demonstrated an amazing skill set for organization and execution. His optimism and can-do attitude will help pursue our vision of developing at first a regional, and then a national organization that will help clients with all aspects of alternative dispute resolution.”

As chairman of the board, John will stay closely involved with Miles. “I think any organization really takes its personality from the top down, so I will continue to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with Miles — from our clients to our staff to our mediators — leaves better off than they arrived,” says John. “I take a great deal of pride in that and look forward to continuing to be part of that.”

“John will help ensure that our strategic vision and our culture stay true to our core values as we grow,” agrees Parag. As COO, Parag implemented innovative ideas and new processes. Using his unique personal and professional experience, Parag has brought Miles’s focus to providing excellence for both its neutrals and clients by creating the optimal customer service experience.

“When I started in January 2021, we had 40 neutrals and 10 employees,” says Parag. “Now we have 85 neutrals and 35 employees and have grown from 3 offices to 7 offices throughout the Southeast. We’re no longer a mediation firm in Atlanta — we’re now the largest ADR firm in the Southeast.”

“I feel we’re the best in the business and there’s so much more we can do. We are going to grow and scale our new business model with a goal of becoming a regional ADR provider and eventually a national one,” adds Parag. “We’re in the business of conflict resolution, and conflict resolution is about changing people’s lives. As we continue to scale and grow, we’ll be able to have an even bigger impact. We’ve traditionally been focused on mediation and arbitration, but we plan to broaden our scope and be able to help even more people.”

Miles Mediation & Arbitration is shaping the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) industry with our comprehensive professional services model that combines the expertise of our highly-skilled and diverse panel of neutrals combined with an unparalleled level of client support in order to guide and empower parties to fair, timely and cost-effective resolution regardless of case size, specialization, or complexity. For more information, call 888-305-3553 or visit

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