Game-Changing SaaS Framework Expedites Remote, Same Day Data Collection from Android Mobile Devices Worldwide 

IRVINE, Calif., August 16, 2023– ModeOne Technologies, Inc. (“ModeOne”), the developer of a revolutionary, patented SaaS tool to help corporations, law firms, government entities, litigation services providers, cybersecurity services firms, and law enforcement agencies automate the remote, same day collection and analysis of mobile data stored on smartphones, announced today the worldwide release of Android Version 2.0.  This disruptive technology is available immediately to ModeOne subscribers.

In combination with ModeOne’s iOS (Apple) solution, Android 2.0 addresses the many traditional challenges attorneys and corporations have faced with data collection from mobile devices for legal hold, corporate compliance, and investigation purposes.  It is particularly important because Android holds just under 71% of the global market share of mobile device users in 2023.

“For decades, Android smartphone data collections have been the most difficult data source for lawyers and examiners to collect,” said Ryan Frye, ModeOne’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Our development focus has been on making data discovery from these devices fast, easy, scalable, secure, and affordable.  Our team and I are excited to continue to improve upon our SaaS solutions for both Android and Apple devices to deliver truly remote, same day service, anywhere in the world, without the need for a physical collection kit or onsite personnel.”

ModeOne’s latest Android version includes many new features and capabilities to help transform data collection from a tedious, expensive burden to an efficient, scalable, and affordable process.

These include:

  • A cable-free collection process which enhances custodian privacy protection. Unlike current law enforcement grade alternatives, ModeOne’s Android 2.0 solution delivers direct access to the mobile device via a wifi or cellular network connection.  The collection software runs directly on the device, making the need for “Developer Mode” and other less secure phone settings modifications unnecessary.  As with all ModeOne innovations, the process requires no physical collection kits or other intermediary equipment, nor the deployment of onsite technicians.
  • The ability to collect data from a broader array of Android devices which utilize Rich Communication Services (RCS) technology, a next-generation messaging protocol that offers sophisticated features (versus traditional SMS) to Android device users. Advanced RCS capabilities introduced by Google include real-time chat, high-quality multimedia sharing, and group messaging. In terms of data security and privacy, RCS is also safer than SMS.  Unlike alternatives, ModeOne will not require “workarounds” to collect target data from Android devices.
  • A Collection Progress Dashboard to provide detailed visibility into the number and types of data being collected as well as the percentage of completion achieved throughout the process.
  • Automated or user-driven photo gallery selection to enable targeted collection of pictures and videos.
  • Date filtering at the time of collection.

Members of the ModeOne leadership team will be attending ILTACON 2023 in Orlando, FL between August 20-24.  Should you wish to schedule an in-person discussion to learn more about ModeOne’s ground-breaking technology, please write to [email protected], or use the same address to request a discussion and/or demonstration via videoconference for another convenient time.

About ModeOne™

ModeOne offers the industry’s first automated, fully remote mobile data acquisition solution with global reach. Its patented SaaS technology helps clients target, collect, and review emerging forms of digital data and short-message chat information quickly, accurately and with cost-certainty. It is the first mobile phone data acquisition solution that doesn’t require a physical collection kit or onsite forensics technicians. The company supports litigation services providers, law firms, corporations, government entities, law enforcement agencies, and cybersecurity services firms. For more information about ModeOne, please visit

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