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(CHARLOTTE, NC) – Coco Gauff, selected for giving inspiration to young aspiring tennis players to chase their dreams with passion and determination, heads “Ten Best-Mannered People” list published by the National League of Junior Cotillions® (NLJC).

“These selections are made based on each person’s commitment to honor, dignity, and mannerly conduct,” says President, Charles Winters. “We feel these ten individuals have distinguished themselves through admirable character and conduct, and we commend them for their ongoing contributions to society.”

The top “Ten Best-Mannered People” are:

  1. Coco Gauff- for displaying humility when she won her first major title in the S. Open and for being an inspiration to many young girls.
  2. Margot Robbie- for being a fantastic actor known for her genuine and engaging personality and for raising money for charity on the set of the ‘Barbie’
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo- for exceptional sportsmanship while on the soccer field when he selflessly denied a penalty call during the Asian Champions League game against
  4. Lauren Daigle- for being a highly respected role model to many and for inspiring people through her music.
  5. Jalen Hurts- for his leadership, sportsmanship, and positive influence both on and off the football field and for giving back to the Philadelphia
  6. Ben and Erin Napier- for helping others by using their passion and hobby to change and revitalize their hometown by renovating homes in Laurel, Mississippi. They are now known as the hosts of HGTV’s ‘Home Town’ which is starting the 7th season and continuing to do great work in Laurel and surrounding areas.
  7. Selena Gomez- for generously supporting charities and for being warm and polite to her fans despite her success.
  8. Taylor Swift- for her generosity when she gave handwritten letters of appreciation and bonuses totaling more than $55 million to those working on the Eras
  9. Austin Riley- for his dedication to his fans and teammates while on the baseball
  10. Tom Holland- for inspiring many fans through his generosity to people in need and for using his platform to increase awareness about poverty and other social

Each year, Cotillion students and Directors nationwide nominate numerous individuals for the “Ten Best-Mannered People” award. NLJC® strives to recognize the individuals that students look to as frontrunners in social etiquette, all-encompassing manners, and overall, with strong and replicable leadership qualities. These traits are the essence of the NLJC curriculum and foundational components that are embedded within the Junior Cotillion curriculum which has served over 50,000 students to date.

Because of the lasting impacts that this program has made on students all over the country, NLJC is currently seeking Directors nationwide to expand into new and available territories across the country. Each chapter is an independent franchise operated by a local Director. Our next New Director Training will take place in the spring of 2024 in Charlotte, NC and provides applicants with the opportunity to get an inside look at the National League of Junior Cotillions distinguished programs.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 1-800-633-7947.

NOTE: To schedule an interview with Charles Winters, NLJC President, call (704) 301-7035 or email [email protected].

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