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Radixweb, the leading custom software development company to global market leaders and innovators, announced that it has strengthened its expertise and capabilities in Microsoft Cloud Partner Program – Digital & App Innovation Azure areas.


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The new Cloud Partner Program by Microsoft replaces the former gold and silver recognitions. Through this certification, Microsoft has acknowledged Radixweb’s capabilities in helping its global clientele design, build, run and manage innovative applications across multi-cloud environments at the edge.

Radixweb is constantly delivering scalable applications by managing apps in Azure, migrating production web application workloads, and offering the right DevOps consulting services to help you achieve increased frequency.

Radixweb adopts a comprehensive methodology known as the partner capability score to assess and evaluate its collaboration with Microsoft partners. By employing this holistic approach, Radixweb takes responsibility for its technical capabilities and endeavors to consistently drive innovation in its cloud app development services.

The designation increases Radixweb’s customer reach through the Microsoft Network and acknowledges its competence in high-demand Microsoft Cloud solutions areas. Radixweb has expanded its range of capabilities to support clients in expediting the migration of crucial infrastructure workloads to the Azure platform. This expansion empowers clients to modernize their existing applications and develop cloud-native solutions, thereby improving the overall customer experience and reducing time to market.

Having this designation showcases the objective evidence that Radixweb is well equipped with the knowledge and tools to help clients succeed with highly secure, standard-compliant infrastructure, including ISO, SOC, IRAP, GDPR, etc.

In addition, Radixweb gets prioritized access to expert Microsoft technical support to help clients troubleshoot specific issues, assisting the firm in accomplishing its vision – delivering intelligent applications of innovative technologies.

Through this certification, Microsoft has acknowledged Radixweb’s capabilities in helping its global clientele design, build, run and manage innovative applications across multi-cloud environments, at edge.

As a top-notch Microsoft Azure development company, Radixweb has been delivering solutions in Azure, providing vertical expertise, and enhancing the value and efficiency of the cloud journey to more than 3000+ global clients.

“This certification by Microsoft is an astounding recognition of our capabilities for bringing secure and innovative application solutions to our clientele. Since our inception in 2000, we have been devoted to delivering data-validated solutions to our customers. Our focus is on building satisfactory software development journeys and sustainable digital solutions by using Microsoft-approved technologies. We aim to help our clients get 360-degree value out of their tech investments with us,” said Dharmesh Acharya, COO, Radixweb.

He added, “We have a band of 650+ engineering experts to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We are incredibly proud to have achieved this Solution Partner designation for Microsoft Cloud in Digital & App Innovation (Azure). Radixweb is thoroughly invested in building information security expertise with Microsoft and are continually training our workforce to meet the challenging demands of the global IT market.”

As an operational practice, Radixweb is heavily investing in training and upskilling its workforce across emerging modern technologies. The brand is devoted to bringing continual success for itself and its global clients by integrating innovation with technology through stable, secure and sustainable solutions.


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