MESA, AZ — September 27, 2023Myndshft Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in real-time medical benefits and automated prior authorization technology, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary software platform for managing specialty medications under both medical and pharmacy benefits—the first of its kind in the industry. By simplifying and automating the complex processes involved in specialty medication management, the Myndshft platform bridges the gap between two traditionally isolated components of healthcare benefits, improving speed to therapy for patients.

One Platform. Unlimited Potential.

Healthcare providers, insurers, drug manufacturers, and pharmacies are plagued by the administrative complexities of drug management under disparate benefits. Likewise, patients face care delays, disjointed treatment journeys, higher costs of care, and poorer health outcomes. Recognizing this, Myndshft committed to expanding its suite of services to encompass both medical and pharmacy needs.

“We understand the challenges of siloed prior authorization processes. By developing  a consolidated solution for drug management across both benefit types, Myndshft bridges long-standing gaps, enabling seamless data exchange and integrity between providers, PBMs, pharmacies and payers,” notes Ron Wince, founder and CEO of Myndshft.

The Myndshft platform tackles the administrative complexity that 88% of physicians rate as ‘high’ or ‘extremely high’ according to American Medical Association research.1 This optimizes medication management, breaking down barriers to affordability, and most importantly, enhancing the level of care patients receive.

The powerful Myndshft platform supports comprehensive benefits investigations for drugs under medical or pharmacy benefits, real-time benefits checks at the point of care, and intelligent automated prior authorization, offering improved cost transparency and care access to combat treatment abandonment. Moreover, in partnership with Atlas Health, the platform provides automated matching, enrollment, and reimbursement with patient assistance programs to mitigate the economic burdens often associated with specialty medications.

Myndshft Platform Advantages

  • Eliminates the need for providers, pharmacists, and patients to navigate multiple systems, significantly decreasing administrative overhead and enhancing care efficiency.


  • Improves cost transparency, enabling providers to effectively counsel patients on treatment options.


  • Seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare workflows, creating efficiencies that free up human and financial resources.


  • Adheres to current and emerging prior authorization regulations including gold carding, as well as state and federal policies and legislation.


“This announcement represents an exciting leap forward, not just for our organization, but for stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum,” says Wince. “By eliminating barriers to fast, equitable access to medications—regardless of whether they fall under medical or pharmacy benefits—Myndshft is creating momentum for value-based care models of the future.”

About Myndshft Technologies, Inc.

Myndshft began with a mission to enable value-based care by empowering healthcare providers and payers to drive down costs and increase revenue while achieving optimal patient care. Today, Myndshft is the only prior authorization platform that handles medications associated with medical and pharmacy benefits, delivering insights directly in any system of record. We do this by combining hands-free automation with Collective Healthcare Intelligence, a single source of truth for patients’ health and benefits information, providers’ clinical documentation, and payers’ plans and policies. Myndshft reduces manual work, eliminates duplication of effort, and shortens preauthorization cycle times so providers and payers can focus on patients, not paperwork.

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1. Source: AMA Prior Authorization Physician Survey

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