Located right in the Florida Panhandle, Tallahassee is the state’s capital and a popular destination for visitors. While sometimes overlooked, this region has a lot to offer, such as historical sites, natural wonders, and local cultural attractions. Plus, with the museums, restaurants, and nightlife, you’ll surely find something to enjoy.

Tallahassee is also within driving distance of a variety of spots that are perfect for day trips with a special someone. Pick out your fit, throw together some lunch, and get your checkup done at the dentist, Tallahassee, has plenty of sights that’ll leave you and your sweetie smiling from ear to ear.

St. George Island State Park

Located less than two hours from Tallahassee, this state park contains miles of untouched beaches with little development giving a very secluded, private, relaxing vibe. Enhance your trip with birdwatching, fishing, kayaking or canoeing, and hiking trails. If you’re lucky, you may spot dolphins breaking through the ocean surface, and many say the perfect way to end the day is by watching the famous St. George Island sunset.

Torreya State Park

Reach this nature oasis in less than an hour and plan to spend the day in the area known for its unique and astounding natural beauty. Named after the Torreya tree, only found within the park, enjoy hiking trails along the bluffs or Apalachicola River. Pack a picnic for a relaxing lunch, then explore the lush forestation in the area to reconnect with nature and feel at peace.


A little further away, at about two and a half hours, Jacksonville can be a perfect day or overnight trip if you can escape Tallahassee that long. This most populated city in the state is located along the waterfront, and you can find a variety of shopping, dining, and drinking spots throughout the city’s limits. Five art galleries make this a popular destination for art lovers, or you can peruse work from local artists and artisans at the Riverside Arts Market.


If you’re a history buff, Apalachicola is a great place to visit and is only about an hour and a half away. One of the oldest port cities in Florida, you’ll find beautiful and historic buildings, bridges, and theaters. And, since it’s still predominately a fishing village, there are various opportunities to get out onto a boat for an excursion or to one of the fantastic seafood restaurants in the area. After learning about the town’s history, walk to one of the many parks along the waterfront that provide excellent views over the Gulf. Or, explore native forests and view local wildlife while hiking through the Apalachicola National Forest.


Perfect for a relaxing staycation, Seaside is about two hours and twenty minutes from Tallahassee. This small town is home to a vibrant town center, beautiful walkways along the beach, and pastel-colored beach buildings. Relax on the white sand beach named the Best Beach On Earth by Travel + Leisure Magazine, or find a variety of options for shopping and dining.

Florida Caverns State Park

Just over one hour away from Tallahassee is a park home to an extensive cave system with stunning geological formations and archaeological sites. You don’t want to miss the chance to view this unique landscape. With breathtaking stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstones throughout the limestone caves dozens of feet underground, you’ll even find rivers and springs inside the caverns.

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