All-New Advisory Panel Unites Dozens of Top Advocates and Judges in a Quest to Reshape Legal Writing

[Washington DC, March 19, 2024], The Legal Writing Advisory Panel, the brainchild of Legal Writing Pro and BriefCatch founder and bestselling author Ross Guberman, is set to redefine legal writing for the next generation of law students, lawyers, and judges. The panel will align top names in legal writing with the broader legal community, crafting a future in which legal documents are more accessible, effective, and efficient than ever.

This panel consists of an elite cadre of 35 judges, advocates, and academics, each handpicked for their legal writing savvy. Panel members include:

  • Former Fifth Circuit judge Gregg Costa and former Florida Supreme Court justice Raoul Cantero
  • Top Supreme Court advocates such as Carter Phillips and Linda Coberly
  • Former Solicitors General Jeff Wall and Greg Garre
  • World-class academics and experts in contract drafting and opinion-writing

Quarterly Sweeps of Best Practices from the Greatest Legal Writing Minds

Each quarter, the panel will meet virtually to cast votes and share expertise on pivotal legal-writing issues and controversies, from fonts to tone to persuasive structure. The panelists will perpetually refine legal writing standards, enabling the entire profession—and thus the public—to benefit from their collective wisdom, practical guidance, and collaborative models.

Panelists will also get a chance to contribute short articles or interviews on writing tips and challenges.

Sharing the Wealth Across the Legal Profession

The Panel’s work be shared freely each quarter with law schools, lawyers, and courts. 

Ross Guberman calls the collaboration a game-changer for legal writing: “The Legal Writing Advisory Panel will be a breath of fresh air for tomorrow’s new lawyers and judges. I’m thrilled to join forces with some of the profession’s most renowned writers and writing experts to upgrade legal writing and to continue my career-long quest to help lawyers and judges enjoy the ride.”

For more details on the Legal Writing Advisory Panel and its groundbreaking work, please contact Ross Guberman at [email protected].