Last Sunday saw the Lansdale launch of Trinity Central Church,  a new gospel-centered congregation. Led by Pastor Tony Jones,  Trinity Central is a non-denominational church seeking to reach the community with the good news of Christ. Lansdale PA, is a  popular and lively suburb of Philadelphia, attracting families and young professionals. Pastor Tony Jones explained, “We have an immense opportunity to proclaim Christ to those who don’t know him from all kinds of backgrounds. Lansdale is one of the fastest-growing cities in PA, and we need more churches where Christ is proclaimed, and disciples are made. With a pastor for youth and  kids and a pastor for young adults, our emphasis is on reaching  the next generation of families and young workers and training  them to be faithful disciples.”  


Trinity Central’s sanctuary has space for up to 700 The Church meets at the Clemens Center, off Detweiller Road.  With parking for over 500 cars, and sanctuary space for up to  700, the church is poised to see continued growth. TCC aims to glorify God in gospel-centered preaching, worship, and small groups. 


Alongside Pastor Tony, the Church is led by a Board of Elders and five pastors. Dave Reich one of the Elders said “We are a  dynamic congregation, full of people united in a hunger for God’s word. TCC is a place of grace, growth, and hope.” Peter Martindell another Elder said, “The Covid pandemic showed us how isolated many in America are today. TCC is a real community of love,  stability, and support. I have lost count of the number who have  commented on the reality and warmth of our fellowship here.” 

“When the Bible is faithfully taught,  God’s word is clearly heard, and God’s people grow. Our key focus is on careful, applied, relevant, and accessible expository preaching bringing God’s never-changing word to an ever-changing world”. Pastor Tony Jones Trinity Central Church Summer Youth Bible Study Trinity Central meets on Sundays at 10:30 am and you can find us at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.