UAE Data Center Market Share Size, and Future Landscape

MarkNtel Advisors, a leading market research company, presents its latest  UAE Data Center Market Research Report By Type (Enterprise Data Centers, Colocation Data Centers, Cloud Data Centers, Edge Data Centers), By Tier Standards (Basic site infrastructure (Tier I), Redundant-capacity component site infrastructure (Tier II), Concurrently maintainable site infrastructure (Tier III), Fault-tolerant site infrastructure (Tier IV)), By End Users (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Telecommunication & IT, Government, Energy & Utility, Health Care) and other forecasts [2021-2026]. This well-curated report contains in-depth information about the industry. In this comprehensive study, we have meticulously compiled every critical detail, catering to the UAE Data Center Market’s major and minor elements. Our focus extends to factors influencing market growth, encompassing historical, current, and projected data, emerging trends, technological advancements, key insights, recent developments, potential constraints, and various other factors that could significantly shape the industry’s trajectory in the foreseeable future.

UAE Data Center Market Insight:

The UAE Data Center Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 4.1% during the forecast period, i.e., 2021-26, says MarkNtel Advisors.

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Competitive Landscape –  UAE Data Center Market

This section provides a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, highlighting the significant contributions of major companies and their strategies for achieving success and sustainability. By examining the competitive landscape, clients can gain valuable insights into the driving forces behind the growth and evolution of the UAE Data Center Industry. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the key players in this competitive landscape:

 > Khazna

 > Etisalat

 > Equinix

 > Oracle

 > Alibaba Cloud

 > Microsoft Azure

 > IBM

 > Amazon Web Services


 > Cisco

 UAE Data Center Market Driver

The rapid urbanization in UAE has led to the growing number of smart city projects and the surging adoption of smart devices, wireless networking technologies, Cloud Analytics, Big Data, IoT, etc., in the country. It, in turn, has spurred the need for more data centers for reliable network access and the effective functioning of smart cities. 

Moreover, the government deals with several complex issues, such as water & wastewater management, mobility, safety & security services, and energy management, the resolution of which requires an integrated approach. Hence, it is another crucial aspect expected to amplify the demand for data centers in UAE during 2021-26.

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Segmentation Summary – UAE Data Center Market

The summary of UAE Data Center market segmentation gives a quick look at different parts of the market. It helps businesses understand what customers like and where they are. By breaking down the market into smaller groups based on things like what people buy and where they live, companies can make better plans to sell their products. This summary is a simple guide to understanding the market better. The segmentations of the market are:

By IT Infrastructure

 > Servers

 > Storage

 > Network

By Type

 > Enterprise Data Centers

 > Colocation Data Centers

 > Cloud Data Centers

 > Edge Data Centers

By Tier Standards

 > Basic site infrastructure (Tier I)

 > Redundant-capacity component site infrastructure (Tier II)

 > Concurrently maintainable site infrastructure (Tier III)

 > Fault-tolerant site infrastructure (Tier IV)

By End Users

 > Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance

 > Telecommunication & IT

 > Government

 > Energy & Utility

 > Health Care

 > Others (Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, & Media)

By Electrical and Mechanical Infrastructure

 > Cabling

 > Uninterrupted Power Supplies

 > Cooling Systems

 > Others (Rack PDU, Switchgears, etc.,)

Based on the Electrical and Mechanical Infrastructure, the demand for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) has shown a progressive growth in the UAE Data Center Market in the historical years due to the mounting requirements for backing critical IT infrastructure across sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Government, Large Enterprises, and Healthcare among others. These industries needing maximum uptime to run their critical applications, servers, etc., is the prime aspect that led UPS to attain the continuous demand in the previous few years.

Geographical landscape

On the geographical front, the UAE Data Center Market expands across:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah & Northern Emirates

All of them, Dubai dominated the UAE Data Center Market during the historical period, i.e., 2016-20, and is expected to attain the highest CAGR during the forecast years. Rising IT expenditure by the government, mounting number of smart projects, and robust 5G infrastructure setups are the key factors contributing to the Data Center Market growth in the country.

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Key Questions Addressed in this UAE Data Center Market Report:

  • What are the emerging trends in the UAE Data Center Industry?
  • What are the growth challenges faced by businesses in the UAE Data Center Industry?
  • How can companies capitalize on opportunities within the market of UAE Data Center?
  • What are the regulatory factors impacting the growth of the UAE Data Center Market?
  • What are some of the top UAE Data Center companies in the  market?
  • What is the current size of the UAE Data Center Market and how much is it will grow in the next few years?

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